Project 313 – Post No. 232

A short offering of more strange birds . . . HERE.

Again, I hope I haven’t linked them in recent posts. 

And now, the photo:

Project 313 232

This particular photo has appeared in a number of other posts (non-Project 313 posts) . . . but I still like it. 

There used to be a time when people sat outside, chatted with neighbors, and watched the world go by. That was both in cities and in smaller towns. 

Then the Internet happened. Perhaps that’s a good thing . . . 

. . . or not.

As people, we are, perhaps, more isolated than ever despite connections to people all over the world. For me, in the sum of it, it’s probably a good thing. For others, perhaps, not so much. Some people could use a bit more exposure (face-to-face exposure) to people different from themselves. 

Here’s the dark side variation of the previous doodle . . . Hidden Faces and Grape Juice Glasses Spinner at Night.

Hidden Faces and Grape Juice Glasses Spinner at Night

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

You can read about Project 313 HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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4 Responses to Project 313 – Post No. 232

  1. AnnMarie says:

    Your linked Brown Chinese Geese are really good looking birds, or they’re very photogenic, or you’re a great photographer . . . probably all three. They have beautiful feathers that make a great pattern/design and their upturned tail feathers give them quite an air of sophistication!

    Yes, I do like them a lot. And one of my top favorites shots of yours is the B&W Goose Reflection Portrait! Just stunning!!!

    Returning to this post, I like your processing of the Mustang photo. It’s leather-looking effect and overall composition suit the subject quite well.


  2. PHOTO: This is great! Has a leather-y texture and cool colors!
    CARTOON: I like the sittin’ on the porches chattin’ days.
    DOODLE: Ooh! The night really makes the beautiful colors pop!
    Hope you are having a good weekend!
    HUGS for you and Melisa! :-)


    • disperser says:

      Thank you, Carolyn. Hope you also will have a great weekend.

      As for sitting on the porches . . . these days, even when outside, people’s necks are bent and their eyes are looking at a screen.

      In a way, it’s great . . . it’s like having the whole world for myself.

      Liked by 1 person

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