Laptop Adventures in Color and B&W

OK, so I’ve screwed around with the calibration and think I have an adjustment where things look like they used to. It may yet be the calibration I’ve picked results in me thinking I’m presenting one thing (gorgeous colors expertly balanced) whereas, in reality, I get a completely different thing (an off-color pastiche only colorblind individuals will find pleasing). 

So, this is another post where I play around with a few different post-processing programs and see what comes out the other end. These are the photos I’ll be using (shown as they came out of the camera without any post-processing):


The galleries below show each photo treated in Color and in B&W. Some have multiple treatments. Here we go.

First up, beach and sea:

Next up, Skeleton (see if you can spot what killed it):

Next up, the wispy grass along the road:

Finally, the post in the grass:

If anyone has any comments, please post them below. On my laptop, the colors appear as what I think are proper colors for the subjects and the B&W appear without any color cast; in other words, gray and white and black are the only colors I see in the photos that are supposed to be B&W. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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