Take a moment . . . and then hold on to it

I follow Pacific Paratrooper and appreciated the sharing of this video on his blog and gladly share it here on this Veterans Day. 

We might not always like the leaders who are elected and we might disagree with how others think or what they believe, but contemplate on the fact that everyone wants a better future for themselves and their families and their friends.

Today, take a moment and remember those who served, those who put their lives on the line. Give them your thoughts and thanks.

Remember also this: they come from all walks of life, hold all manners of beliefs, belong to many different ethnic groups,  . . . but they served with an eye to that same common goal.

Take that moment and hold on to it.

Perhaps it will help you appreciate not only the people who served and have served in the Armed Forces but also help you remember our common goal is not to “win” a better future just for those we agree with, but for everyone around us and those who come after us. 

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