So, it’s November 2 and the last remnants of Halloween decorations are being taken down and replaced with Christmas decorations. 

I don’t decorate for Christmas but I did take the Halloween decorations down  . . . unfortunately, I don’t have storage for them, so I piled them up in the corner.  If you didn’t see the original, here it is again.

Click on the picture for a larger version.

And, this is what all that looks like now, piled up in a corner (I also turned off the cool graduated blood-lighting). I’ve put the words in the recycling container so you might see those again.  

Click on the picture for a larger version (if you have a small screen, you can click again to zoom in on a particular area).

It’s all sorts of odd shapes so it doesn’t pile as neatly as some things. In fact, it reminds me a bit of the convoluted knots of Christmas lights one finds when opening the box of stored Christmas decorations . . . I just hope I can unpack them all for next year. The bats as so intertwined that I fear even picking them up.

. . . I should have kept the packing they came in . . . 

Realistically, I’ll probably get new decorations; they’ll be easier to work with. 

I had mentioned I might try my hand at a Halloween story but — alas — the day slipped away from me.

I also wrote about possibly doing this year’s NaNoWriMo. It’s been two years since the last one and really, there’s no good excuse why I wouldn’t have written up a storm in the two years(+) since my last novel. In fact, I can’t rightly explain it to myself so it’s no use me trying to come up with some cockamamie excuse to feed you guys.

Note: “guys” is used as a colloquial term encompassing pretty much the entire spectrum of gender classifications. To be fair, I also use “guys” for inanimate objects and various animals so don’t take it personally. Or, take it personally and block me, or whatever people do when they feel personally insulted. Or, do like I do and feel morally, intellectually, and in every way superior to others. So superior, that I don’t care what others think and hence can’t get offended. 

Anyway . . . it’s November 2nd and I’ve not written anything. Gots lots of ideas but nothing put down anywhere. 

And that’s because stuff be happening, mind be occupied, and things be intervening.

Realistically, I just don’t see writing happening and rather than put the burden upon myself and then beating myself up for not meeting the goal, I’m doing NoNaNoWriMo . . . No National Novel Writing Month. If I get away from all the stuff currently occupying my time, I might write a few fiction pieces over the next 4-5 weeks, but even that be a lofty goal. 

The good news (if it can be classified as such) is that I have the writing bug, so I anticipated writing stuff in the near future. Near future as in “maybe next year”.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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