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Project 313 – Post No. 195

It occurs to me some readers might want to look at a male Tree Swallow up close and personal; well, HERE’s a post where they can do just that.  And now, the photo: I think this turned out rather well.

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Project 313 – Post No. 194

I, perchance, someone is looking for a cute photo of a female Tree Swallow (or, a photo of a cute female Tree Swallow) send them to THIS post.  And now, the photo: Never particularly taken with the Fairlane but — … Continue reading

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Project 313 – Post No. 193

Most people who follow me have at least a basic concept of just how weird I am. THIS post should help the rest get onboard with the times.  And now, the photo: Only car enthusiasts are likely to recognize . … Continue reading

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Project 313 – Post No. 192

Another long post and THIS one has water, birds, scenery, snakes, rabbits, and probably other stuff. As a reminder, I’m linking older posts both for subscribers wanting to travel down memory lanes and for new readers who are looking for … Continue reading

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Project 313 – Post No. 191

I hear parts of the world are heading into Winter . . . THIS might help get them mentally prepared.  And now, the photo: Ever wondered where they got the idea for how the Minions look? Just saying . . … Continue reading

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A bit of a sad tale

So, yesterday, this Monarch was on the pavement directly behind — and in the path — of the rear wheel of my trusty Highlander (There Can Be Only One).  Monarchs have been in Hawaiʻi since the mid-1800s and unlike the ones … Continue reading

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Project 313 – Post No. 190

I’m almost positive most readers want to revisit Rosie’s Diner. Well, they’re in luck because all they have to do is click on the link. And now, the photo:

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