Samsung Note 8 Photos — June 2018, Part 1

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This post will have a few Nikon P900 videos but all of the photos save one are from the Samsung Note 8 phone. 

I doubt many would recognize this turtle because it’s barely visible on this photo . . . 

. . . which was in THIS post about the Nikon P900.

This next photo is from the same display, a small shrine/memorial to some person I presume either died there or surfed that bay.

These flowers grow wild along one stretch of Aliʻi Drive. They look like some sort of wild orchid but I could be — and probably am — wrong about that. 

One thing with Hawaiʻi . . . wild grasses look like decorative grasses and they’re everywhere. These are from the parking lot at the Kaiser Permanente Kona Clinic.

About a year after we moved here, my hay fever started up again and I’m wondering if the grasses are a part of the problem. 

These next photos are of a tree on the grounds of the Living Stones Church (although you can read about its official name HERE). By the way, that little shrine is just to the left (South) of the church grounds. I go there occasionally to watch surfers and waves (videos below). Side note . . . I’ve never seen a tree with a comb-over before.

It’s a big tree and it’s difficult to capture it from inside the church grounds (there’s a wall at the boundary). These next photos are both panoramas and I had to leave some out because the geometric distortion was too much for the panorama stitching to handle. 

This next tree is along the shore access path we take to visit the area shown in the videos below; the one with the pool.

This was in the evening and under the canopy, so the lighting was poor. The Note 8 didn’t do too bad. 

Next up, the fruit of the Autograph Tree. This particular tree is one of many in the parking lot islands at Costco. 

I’ve never paid much attention to it until I saw one of the (cleaned-out) fruits on the ground.

I snapped the photos but I then had to research what it was. 

I almost grabbed it to photograph it properly back at the condo but I didn’t have a bag for it. Perhaps next time. 

That’s it for the photos in this post. When I share the remaining photos from June I’ll add them to the SmugMug gallery linked above. 

As for the videos, most of these are shot with the P900. The slow-motion one is shot with the Samsung Note 8 (as are most of the slow-motion videos which include sounds).

These first few are from the area mentioned in previous posts; it’s where we walk to in the evenings just to look at the sea. There’s a shore access area and it includes a salt-water pool right on the shoreline. Also, kids often surf there and the screaming kid reminds me as to why I don’t miss having kids. 

Remember to turn the volume down and choose HD quality.

The voices you hear are from people who come here when the surf is up. It can get pretty crowded sometimes. We don’t typically hang around too long unless the waves are really impressive. 

This next video shows how the waves can build to fairly decent heights. In case readers worry, no one got hurt and getting tossed about by a couple of tons of moving water is — apparently — no big deal. 

We next move to the beach and shoreline next to the Living Stone Church. This next video is in slow motion with sound and hence from the Note 8.

These next videos are from a small beach park about a half mile from us. It’s a popular place for people to go and sit at the beach. It’s usually not crowded unless the waves are in. They also occasionally hold bodysurfing competitions here. 

I want to apologize for the shakiness and rapid movements as I was trying to catch the action and the P900 at high zoom is a tad difficult to control.

It looks to me as if they get pretty close to some of the partially submerged rocks . . . but then, I’m not a surfer. 

I know, I know, these won’t win awards. I really should practice my video-shooting a bit more because — like with everything — practicing would result in better video captures. 

Notice these were all shot on overcast days . . . that’s because it’s still hot here and going out when it’s sunny is something I try to avoid. Yes, I’m afraid I’ll sweat away to nothing.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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