The genesis of a picture

The post that went live 3½ hours ago had this photo . . . 

Project 313 169

It’s not really a photo. It’s a graphic created with JWildFire Mini. I’ve been trying out some Fractal programs and came across that app. It’s sort of a Fractal program but not strictly so. 

I used to play with Fractal programs back in the day and make these amazing graphics . . . but that program didn’t port to subsequent versions of Windows and I eventually stopped playing with it. It also had 3D mapping options that allowed you to create fantastic planets by “wrapping” the image on itself. I’ve yet to come across anything like it. 

I have those somewhere as photos taken from the screen and printed, but everything like that is packed away for when we eventually settle. 

. . . meanwhile . . . 

JWildfire Mini is not the only Fractal App I loaded onto the Note 8 but it’s one I’m playing with right now. 

So, here is the file right out of the program:

Original – click for full-size version

The program has to render the image, and this is after about eight or nine minutes of processing.

If you look at it full size, it’s pretty grainy. The app has a desktop version that will render much cleaner versions, but I’m not sure I want to load the program as I already have more junk than I need loaded on this machine. 

So, grainy . . . obviously, I need to sharpen it some and make it grainier. For this, I used Nik Raw sharpener . . . 

Nik Raw Sharpener – click for full-size version

Then, I clean the image up using Topaz Studio AI Clear . . . 

Topaz Studio AI Clear – click for full-size version

That cleaned out the graininess pretty good . . . but now I fire up Topaz Impression and run it through the Bluebeard setting.

Topaz Impression Plugin (Bluebeard) – click for full-size version

That looks a little dull to me, so I punch it up a bit in Lightroom . . . 

Lightroom tweaks – click for full-size version

Finally, since all the Project 313 photos have a frame, I run it through Topaz Studio Digital Frame and I get the photo at the opening. Here, let me repeat it here . . . 

Project 313 169

I think I’ll play a bit more with the fractal programs so you might see a few more fractal creations. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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