August 2018 — Random Samsung Note 8 Photos

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I’ve mentioned that I take a lot of photos with my Samsun Note 8. Some of them get incorporated and shared in various posts but that still leaves many photos that remain hidden on my phone. I mean, I had good intentions of doing monthly updates but the last one was in May, so I’m falling a bit behind. 

I’ll eventually do June and July but just to be different, I’m picking up in August. Yes, many August photos were already shared but believe you me, there are many more. However, since this is just a filler post, I’m only presenting a few.

First off, a sunset shot from the parking lot where we currently live. I went out to get the mail and this sight was too good to pass up. 

Obviously, sunset shots are no-brainers . . . but I often see stuff that catches my eye that perhaps is not usually photographed. Or, maybe everyone photographs . . . leaves!

Yeah, I know . . . a cheesy attempt at drama. 

Let me make it up to you with a shot taken from the landing in front of our condo . . . picture this: the sun nearly down and an impossible yellow glow lighting the scene. There are palm trees, and a shower in the distance fires up the faint trace of a rainbow. 

Sure, it’s hot and, sure, it’s humid and, sure, I can’t stand out there too long without breaking out in sweat, but for those twenty seconds or so . . . positively almost nearly magical.


If it’s not too hot, we’re likely to head out to the shore. It’s a short walk to one of the shoreline access areas, and I very much like this view. I’ll probably do a proper post about August’s visits to the place, but for now, enjoy this taste of it. If you notice, it was overcast and that made it so that we actually wanted to go out because the sun behind clouds takes the edge off the year-round heat.

When we do go on walks along Aliʻi Drive I’m always on the lookout for interesting stuff to shoot. Like, for instance, this lava wall giving purchase to new vegetation . . . 

A little further along the road, there’s one of these plants . . . 

You might recognize the bud as eventually producing this flower:

Project 313 148

Also along Aliʻi Drive, there are many nice homes that use flowering hedges as privacy fences. One such has these delicate flowers that always catch the eye . . . 

Closer to the condo — right in front of our entrance, in fact — I’ve been seeing these guys pop up. I’ve shared them before, but here’s one that was not in the grass and so it lasted a bit longer. 

It’s under some palm trees so the lighting isn’t very good but as I’ve said before, the Note 8 does a good job in low light situations (something we’ll see in future posts). 

Well, that’s it for now. Not too many photos so a few people will be happy.

. . . who am I kidding? . . . they’re never happy.

This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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