Samsung Note 8 and Photoshop Mix — Post Seven

My sixth post showcasing my experiments in using Photoshop Mix (Post One linkPost Two linkPost Three linkPost Four link, Post Five link, Post Six link).

Once again, everything in here has been created and/or captured using the Samsung Note 8 and all edits are done on the Samsung Note 8. I then transfer the files to the PC so that I can output them using Lightroom (how I add the watermark).

That’s a blend of stacked bowls photo, a muffin topped with blackberries photo, and a photo of one of my breakfasts. 

For them not interested in reading, you can go directly to the SmugMug Gallery HERE.  
For a slideshow click HERE. When you click the link, it will open in a new window and you have two options:
1) Manually scroll through the photos by clicking the “<” and “>” symbols to the left or right of the photos.
2) There’s a PLAY/PAUSE button at the bottom-left of the screen with the transition set at about 5 seconds. Note: clicking the PLAY arrow will run a full-screen slideshow. You can then still use the”<” and “>” symbols to the left or right of the photos as this will pause the slideshow.

If you want the full experience, keep reading

This next shot is of a mask from an antique store, rolls of colorful fabric, and one of my doodles all blended into something I liked.

Next up, the ice from a frozen puddle, a rose, a dish, and some other shots I don’t now remember. 

This next shot combines a macro of a fork with a shot of seashells and a shot of Colorado sky with long clouds and something else I don’t immediately recognize nor remember. 

This next shot uses a photo of a finger ghost atop a radiometer overlayed with Colorado scenery and an owl mural from the wall of a local construction company.

Next up, another offering where I only remember a few of the photos I blended. Another face from an antique store, a photo of a salsify seed ball, some seashells, and possibly the map of all the treasures in the world . . . which, unfortunately, rendered it unreadable. Too bad, that. 

Finally, a couple of different seashell photos combined with a photo of raindrops beaded on the hood of my car, combined with one of my doodles.

And there you have it . . . another adventure in weirdness from yours truly.

But, here are a few regular photos to settle your discomfort. These were not shot with the Note 8.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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