Project 313 – Post No. 157

This post contains math, so buckle up!

The previous post is presented as the “Middle Post” of Project 313 . . . and some people might argue that’s inaccurate. Wrong, even. 

After all, if you have three children, the middle child is the second child and not child 1.5 (there is no such thing unless you’re dealing with King Solomon). 

So it is with the number 313 . . . Post No. 157 (this post) would be the “Middle Post” of Project 313 because it would have 156 posts before it (157-1)and 156 posts after it (313-157).

Isn’t math weird? Let’s see . . . 

Isn’t it convenient how we can make numbers say different things? If I include the endpoints, there are 157 posts from 1 to 157. And there are 157 posts from 157 to 313. But, that would make it a total of 314 and we know that’s not right.

Numerically, most people accept 156.5 making sense as the “Middle Post” of Project 313 because (313/2 = 156.5).

I would have been more precise if I’d said we’re “halfway” through Project 313. 

But, that’s also wrong. Wait . . . what? 

Well, I’ve added a post. Technically, I now have 156 posts before Post No. 156.5 but I have 157 posts after Post N0. 156.6 . . . ouch! . . . my head hurts. 

Let’s see what I did . . . by adding a Post No. 156.5, I made it neither the middle post nor halfway through the project because the halfway point would be (technically) between Post No. 156.5 and Post No. 157. 

I minored in Math and I have an Engineering degree . . . no wonder machines fail and things break! I can’t do the math and when I do the math, I’m not precise and when I’m precise I’m wrong. 

But . . . but . . . we all know engineers are never wrong, so how can this be!?

. . . there is a Project No. 000 . . . forgot about that, didn’t you?

So, let’s recap . . . (Post 000) + (Posts 1-313) + (Post 156.5) = 315 Total Posts

You can prove this to yourself by writing out the numbers or using a spreadsheet, but here are the cold hard numbers:

Number of Project 313 posts before Post No. 156.5 ==>> 157 posts
Number of Project 313 posts after Post No. 156.5 ==>> 157 posts

Ergo, Q.E.D., Post No. 156.5 is, in fact, the Middle Post . . . and also contains the halfway point of Project 313. 

Of course, I can’t add a Project 313 Epilogue as that would change the totals and all my calculations so far. That means that Project 313 – Post No. 313 will itself have to serve as the Epilogue.

Hopefully, no one will notice that Project 313 is actually Project 315. Most people hate Math, so I’m not expecting much in way of repercussions. 

And now, the photo:

Project 313 157

I’m still enjoying the Classic Car details, and the above brings back fond memories of our 1965 Impala. 

The beauty with Willy is that he comes so close . . . before hilariously failing.

I had a lot of variations on the Woobly Wheel of Time but when presented individually, intermittently, and over a long period of time, readers might confuse them and think them all the same . . . 

. . . so I made an animation depicting . . . The Wobbly Wheel of Time Through Time.

The Wobbly Wheel of Time Through Time

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

You can read about Project 313 HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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11 Responses to Project 313 – Post No. 157

  1. Did you mean maths? Maths with no s makes no sense! It is mathematics not mathematic. Mat Matic was a character in ‘Supercar’


    • disperser says:

      Next, you’re gonna argue Aluminum should be spelled Aluminium and that a “trunk” is “about” (the Canadians pronounce it “a boot”).

      I’ve heard that illogical argument for adding a superfluous “s” to the abbreviation Math. Like mathematics, math is both singular and plural. I found the argument otherwise no more compelling than reasons for indiscriminately adding a “u” to otherwise perfectly fine words.

      That said, I’m capable of adapting to regional word usages and can even translate some foreign language words on the fly without insisting they (them foreigners) use words I’m comfortable with. Since I live in the US, that’s the language I adopt, but if truth be told, I don’t hold to the arbitrary “rules” of any language other than out of convenience and when convenient, I’m not above making up my own words and word usage, which, I think you’ll agree, is how languages evolved and continued to grow as dynamic and fluid communication tools.

      Perhaps you should consider American English as a foreign language just like I consider British, Australian, and other lesser versions of English as foreign languages. To do otherwise makes no sense if one recognizes other countries as different from one’s own.

      I think that’s what these guys do:

      . . . although I suppose if dreaming of an imagined past colonial splendor and wishing to hold on to any shred of it, claiming ownership of the language of other countries makes perfect sense.

      By the way, would you abbreviate “Mathematica” to “Matha”?

      But really, the only question is . . . do you agree with my figuring?


  2. I greatly admire your Minor in Math and your Engineering degree! I only took the few math classes they required in high school AND college.
    Math makes my pea-brain hurt! :-P
    PHOTO: I’m enjoying the classic car details, too! Love the colors, feel, and reflection in this one!
    CARTOON: HA! (I always thought, “Everyone has at least one weird-loser cousin.”)
    DOODLE: OHMYGOSH!!! I love this! I see so many art media/mediums: watercolor, chalk, pencil, charcoal, “beads”, etc! So cool!
    HUGS!!! :-) It’s Monday! YAY!!! Ha!


  3. AnnMarie says:

    Your Wobbly Wheel is well done! Love the different textures and colors!


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