Project 313 – Post No. 156.5

So, it’s true there is no “middle” post to a Project with 313 posts . . . but, I can make one. 

In fact, I did. 

But, what to put in it? First, let me tell you WordPress is screwing around with the editor again. So, here’s the thing . . . the classic editor is screwing up the insert gallery option. The improved editor doesn’t show all of the items in the library. The newest improved editor works but it sucks more than a turbo-Hoover. 

Honest, I’m losing my patience with WordPress and will be looking for alternatives with more seriousness. 

But, for now, it also dawned on me that I don’t have a logo for Project 313 . . . a serious lapse in judgment, I tell you what. 

I applied my considerable lack of talent and tried to come up with something . . . 

Now, that was just a sketch, one of a number of them I tried drawing on my Note 8. None really pleased. I mean, the arrangement was something I liked, but the colors were just me playing around to see how various combinations would look. 

I then took to Photoshop to try and come up with a similar arrangement. It turns out the right angle was interesting but not exactly what I wanted once I executed it.

Not bad but I wasn’t sure about that right angle turn for the letters. I mean, I like it but it looks better from the front . . . maybe . . .

That’s one of two choices for the official logo.

I then went back to linear thinking . . . 

I mean, not bad, but I still wanted something with more of a 3D effect. 

I don’t mind that, but it doesn’t look much like a logo. Plus, the number — while conveniently aligned with the “J” and what I consider properly positioned — comes before the word which is opposite of the actual project’s name. 

I tried a different thing and this is the other choice for the official logo of Project 313 . . . 

I wanted a bounding box but I had already wasted a number of hours on learning how to work with the 3D options in Photoshop and I didn’t want to go back and redo it with a box around it. Plus, the rendering time for the above is something like forty minutes. 

There are a few other problems with the above. The “P” touches the ground, but not the “T” . . . they are, in fact, where they should be, but the leg of the “T” is in the middle of the letter whereas the “P” is at one side. The important thing was to get the “J” lined up with the “1” but even that is a bit off. 

Also, I’m not sure about the colors for either of my top two choices. I’ll have to sleep on it, let it gestate, and get back to it in a few days to see how the two strike me as far as colors and shapes.

Regardless, one of them is gonna be it until I come up with a better idea for a logo. I have a few other ideas but I need to sketch them out before trying to execute any of them. 

For the halfway post, I figure I’d do a gallery of the photos so far. Some of the photos have captions and some don’t. If I forget to add a caption before inserting the photo in the post, I edit the photo and add it, but it’s not treated the same as if captioned at the same time the picture is inserted into the post. The gallery recognizes one source of captions but not another.

However, these are the photos and they’re presented in the order they appeared.

I debated doing a gallery for the cartoons . . . but, why not? Also, I present them in a random order just to be different. 

Well, you know what’s coming, right? All of the doodles, also randomized in a single gallery.

It’s also entirely possible I missed a few entries from these last two galleries (hence why they’re randomized) because the new editors are messing up and have difficulties working with the media library and whatever they did to the classic editor, I no longer can work with galleries with it.

It’s getting so that working with the WordPress editor is more and more an exercise in frustration and this latest version (using “blocks”) really, really, really sucks.

Why they can’t execute something without screwing something up is a mystery to me . . . they supposedly hire the brightest people to work on these programs. I suspect it’s a lot of really smart individuals who have no clue how to keep things simple and efficient. They prefer complicated and time-consuming probably because “working with blocks” sounds much cooler than “editing a post”.

Anyway, here’s the last gallery and may FSM have mercy on the souls we don’t have.