Disperser Alitafied

There’s a movie coming up in December . . . 

Normally, I’d avoid anything by James Cameron due to suffering massive disappointment with his Titanic and Avatar efforts. 

The thing is, both of those were massive hits and are loved by many people . . . people with very different tastes in movies, storytelling, and life in general. 

. . . which makes me think this movie will flop because I think I might like it . . . 

Also, I don’t think he’s directly involved with the project. More of a supporting role, he has, so I’m thinking there’s hope for the movie. 

If you don’t mind a few spoilers THIS is an interesting video to watch. It’s about the Alita Battle Angel manga and thoughts about the movie adaptation. 

One of the things I’ve already heard from people — people who I now look at a bit askance — is that they are “creeped out” by the eyes. 

Let me get this straight . . . we glorify all manner of excessively large human attributes (asses, chests, genitalia, long nails, big hair, long mustaches and beards, long legs, and on and on) but draw the lines at big eyes . . . on a character that’s an android.

Truthfully, that feature — the impossibly large eyes — intrigued me even before I saw the trailer and did research on the storyline. 

Mind you, I’m apprehensive about the execution for the same reasons the guy says in the link that no one clicked . . . namely, our society is all manner of screwed up and shallow and we can’t just take something and present it for what it is. 

. . . especially if it comes from another culture; it must first be Westernized.

It goes beyond that, of course . . . look at the slew of remakes that are much less than the originals. For instance, The Magnificent Seven. It was already Westernized but held up somewhat OK . . . but then “they” decided to modernize it and in the process made it dang-near unwatchable action without substance. 

But, I digress . . . believe it or not, this post is about me being Alitafied. How?

Well, I dug back to THIS post and pulled this photo:

That’s me from about nine years ago (I’m much uglier now). 

I then used PortraitPro Studio 17 to make a few subtle changes. 

The problem with the program is that while it can make substantial changes, it’s still constrained by what’s somewhat realistic. That’s about as big as I can make the eyes in that program.

But, I discovered something about Photoshop’s Liquefy filter . . . it recognizes faces and you can do all sorts of things to them without regard for realism. 

For instance:

Now, those are big eyes. And, look at that! . . . I even added somewhat of a smile (something I can’t do in real life without looking hideous). 

Of course, I don’t quite look alien and android-like yet so back to PortraitPro for a few more subtle changes. 

Be truthful now . . . 

. . . doesn’t that just make you want to rush out and see Alita when it comes out?

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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