Samsung Note 8 and Photoshop Mix — Post Three

My third post showcasing my experiments in using Photoshop Mix (Post One link, Post Two link).

Once again, everything in here has been created and/or captured using the Samsung Note 8 and all edits are done on the Samsung Note 8. I then transfer the files to the PC so that I can output them using Lightroom (how I add the watermark).

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If you want the full experience, keep reading

Photoshop Mix lets you take any number of photos, apply basic “looks” and then blend them in various ways. Depending on the blend, the structure (edges and or textures) don’t appear in an obvious way. Instead, the colors combine to produce new blends of colors.

In the case above, it’s a sketch I had made a few months ago combined with a picture of a small ghost finger puppet/figure I have. The interesting thing is that I created this mix just before learning of the Pittsburgh Grand Jury report on that diocese’s activities . . . I found the above mix quite appropriate. So much so that I processed it through paper Artist to give me a B&W version. 


I’m having a difficult time deciding which looks more ominous and more apropos . . . let’s just say they each capture ghosts the Catholic Church would rather remain buried. 

Let’s go back to a lighter visual subject . . . more Bagel Faces blended with mandala doodles . . . 

The faces had me think of various dolls I’d previously captured at different antique shops. This next shot is one such (life-size) doll and a mural and some doodles mixed in for good measure.

Here is the same doll with a different mural and doodle mix . . . 

I came across a gargoyle mask from one of the antique shops in Colorado Springs (circa 2013) and thought it might get me something interesting . . . 

. . . hope I done not scared anyone . . . 

Here’s a more benign face . . . a photo of a carving on a piece of antique furniture mixed with a doodle and a photo of a sunset. 

Here’s the sunset once more, this time mixed with a face mask and one of my doodles. 

When I saw the above, I knew right away of another doll face I wanted to use with some of my doodles . . . 

Since I had more photos of dolls, I tried this one with fabric rolls from a quilting shop and one of my doodles. 

Here’s another version of the above with different blending options . . . 

I’ll stop here because I have a few more of the same doll and I figure I’ll leave them for the next post in the series.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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