Samsung Note 8 and Snapseed Processing — The Leaves Files

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I named this the “leaves files” but most of these are plants . . . but, plants have leaves, right?

First off, we have a lightly processed shot of Lotus plants in a pond at The King Shops at Waikoloa.

The editing is fairly mild as I brightened the shot and lightened some of the shadows. 

This next shot aimed to add a bit of drama to the scene . . . 

Of course, the whole point of these exercises is to come up with different looks for mundane subjects . . . 

I don’t mind that look but prefer this next one from a different photo . . . 

And, again, maybe add a bit of a noir look to it might amuse . . . 

Next up, I saw this leaf on the walkway and liked the rays of sunshine falling all around it . . . 

I also gave it a grungy B&W treatment . . . 

This is a short post but that’s life . . . plus, many won’t mind. 

I say that because this is the last photo of this series. It’s of a fern growing next to the trunk of a tree.

That shot has many other possibilities. possibilities I might explore some other time. 

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