Samsung Note 8 Photos — May 2018, Part 3

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Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2, this post wraps up the photos. I planned a separate post for the videos but it turns out I didn’t shoot a whole lot of videos in May so I’ll include them here. 

This post deals mostly with wood and plants and a few of the photos have appeared with different processing in the Project 313 series.

Tiki statues can be found in various shapes and forms all over the place. This carving and the subsequent carvings are just off the entrance to a business complex that houses Home Depot, Costco, and a bunch of other businesses. What I’m trying to say is that I see these quite often. 

These fish (I think a Yellowfin and a Billfish) are pretty beat up and I assume they and the others all been here for a while. I would suspect they are here to advertise the work of the artist but there’s no names or business contact information anywhere near here so they just might have been left here. 

This seems slightly out of place and five thousand miles West of where I would think it would feel at home. 

These next three are the Mama Bear, the Weird Son Bear they don’t want to talk about, and the Papa Bear wearing a hula skirt. It’s Hawaiʻi; just go with it.

Here’s another version of the Tiki statue.

And a different Tiki . . . 

Next up, a quick visit to Pine Tree Beach Park yielded these next series of photos.

These next two shots are of the world-famous One-Eyed Peas . . . 

Try as I might, I couldn’t find the name of this plant. I’ll have to see if there’s a sign near it when I go back there. 

At the same park, there’s this driftwood trunk serving as a bench.


Maybe it’s just decoration as I’ve never seen anyone sit on it. Maybe I’ll sit on it when I go there again.

These last two photos are along the road to Pine Tree Beach park. The road borders a very exclusive community with multi-million dollar homes and a golf course with fairways that look as good as some of the best greens in courses I can actually afford to play. Occasionally, I see a few players (it’s rare) and they have Segway carts that carry their clubs. 

That’s all the May photos I want to share, but I have a couple of videos. Most are pretty short (less than 30 seconds) and I’ll flag the longer ones. Note/Suggestion: remember to watch in HD.

So, first up, from the Lapahahi State Historical Park overlook of the canoe landing cove. 

Next up, turtles coming ashore at Punaluʻu Beach Park Black Sand Beach. Eventually, eleven turtles came to rest in that small area. Basically, they just bumped into each other, shoved a bit before stopping, and then rested. Only one was smart enough to get far enough onto land to have some space. 

These next two videos are from Rainbow Falls in Hilo. As it was overcast, no rainbows were to be had. 

This next video is of waves lapping the lava shore at Puʻuhouna o Hōnaunau NP in Captain Cook, Big Island of Hawaii. I’ve been erroneously calling this the Place of Refuge but it’s actually the City of Refuge. 

This video is about 90 seconds and if you’re not interested in comings and goings of waves, skip it. 

Next up, the beach and tree at Pine Tree Beach Park I shared above.

For some reason, even though I try to be aware of it, I tend to “lean” when shooting photos or videos. In part, it’s because I can’t see the screen all that well if it’s bright but I’ve always had this problem when shooting photos. If a photo has a horizon, I usually have to level it. It’s always the same tilt — to the left . . . perhaps my left arm is weaker than my right arm.

Next up, a video of John Keawe performing at the King Shops at Waikoloa. The video is 2:42 so if you’re one of them antsy people, skip it.

John Keawe is a local musician and if you like his music, click on his name for more information on the man and his music. Note: I emailed him to ask if I could share the recording but I’ve not heard back. I’m relatively sure that since it was a performance at a public place without attendance fees that I can share it. If I hear otherwise, I’ll remove the video.

For being recorded on a phone in an open area, I’m fairly impressed with the quality of the sound. 

Lastly, here’s what happens when your phone camera is active and you’re holding the phone . . . you make accidental recordings. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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