Project 313 – Post No. 122

This is getting ridiculous . . . I’m now getting — on average — one request a day for “feedback”. Companies wanting to know if I’m satisfied, companies asking to rate my experience, companies asking for a piece of my time. 

I’ve written about it before, but it’s getting worse. When I call a business — and before I even get to pick from their dang automated menu — I’m asked if I’d be willing to stay on the line at the end of the call for a brief survey. 

A couple of the companies have systems that call you back after the call has ended wanting you to let them know how they did.

The thing is, while they say it’s to serve me better, there’s nothing on the survey that’s aimed at serving me better. Even their supposed concern for my satisfaction is bull droppings; they aren’t asking me how happy I am with the company or the product. They’re asking how the support person did. 

Nowhere on the surveys is there an option for “the representative was great but unfortunately your product sucks and I have no confidence in you as a company.

For that’s the thing . . . the person who comes on the line and listen to any complaint I might have had nothing to do with designing or manufacturing the product. The managers who cut corners and opted for cheap components to save ten cents that will cost me hours of grief don’t come on the line to explain they were more concerned with their bonus than me being satisfied as a customer. 

I learned that in the auto industry. Huge budgets for advertising and warranty work . . . small budgets for engineering the product. Huge budgets for legal teams to fight lawsuits instead of budgets to make a better product. 

I feel bad about it but I no longer take those surveys and categorically decline all options to give feedback. 

I just don’t have the time . . . unless this is one of the options on the survey:

“I believe the management of the company should be fired – choose between 1 and 5 where 1 means you will lead the crowd wielding pitchforks and torches and 5 means you don’t care who leads the crowd wielding pitchforks and torches.”

And now, the photo:

Project 313 122

Believe it or not, them colors are all in what looks like a dark gray lava wall. I just threw some switches to “bring them out”. 

The cartoon today brings to mind the fact I think the last twenty years or so have seen a tremendous decline in productivity. 

I mean, people will tell you they are working long hours and are always fighting deadlines . . . what they aren’t telling you is how many hours they spend checking e-mail, or looking at Facebook, browsing the InterWeb, or playing games. 

To be sure, even before computers there was a lot of time wasted . . . but computers — and smartphones — just made it that much easier.

Of course, it could also be computers increased productivity so much that people had more free time because they got their work done faster. Except, you know, if you tell your boss you’re done with your assignment they’ll just give you more work. 

In short order, people learn to keep a pace that’s acceptable to the bosses. 

True story: my first few months at Cadillac Motors I was assigned to the Drafting Room as a Detailer. As a Detailer, I would go up to the Checkers and get drawings they had marked up and needed to be updated. It was a mindless job and the first few days I would get a drawing, check the notes, make the changes, drop it in the completed bin (they would get scanned and copied), and go up for the next drawing

On the third day, some rather irate people — old-timers — took me aside and informed me I should slow down. There was an accepted pace, you see, and I was not minding the speed limit. Fun times.

I previously posted the worm monument at night . . . well, they done went and got snazzy on me . . . here’s the Las Vegas Neon Lights Multiworm Monument

Las Vegas Neon Lights Multiworm Monument

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

You can read about Project 313 HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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14 Responses to Project 313 – Post No. 122

  1. I used to cooperate with the feedback surveys but now I mostly just ignore them. Last week I booked into a seriously crap hotel so I filled in the survey form to let them know what I thought. The company didn’t post my response. Surprise, Surprise!


    • disperser says:

      The one time I had a very bad experience with a hotel (when we left Colorado), I contacted the company that owns them and nothing ever came of it. I seldom go out of my way to complain about something. I prefer to just file it away and either never use the company again (if possible) or adjust my expectations accordingly.

      The only company that ever did anything was Disney. We complained (in a polite way) about the misleading description of an “exclusive Christmas event” (exclusive insomuch that only half of Florida showed up) and even though we didn’t ask for a refund or any special favor, we received two full-access park tickets that are valid until 2033).


  2. Tim Willow says:

    Funny about work productivity.. I always figured people worked a third of the time at most. The rest of the time is socialisation. Not talking and getting out a copy of Ulysses doesn’t work as I learnt . What? The works all done? No-one else is working. Ah but you have to be not working in the right way!


    • disperser says:

      . . . unless you’re operating a portion of a conveyor machine . . . then you have little chance to slack off. Also, if you’re working for yourself, you’re typically more productive.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. All those “feedback” things are merely fluff – to let customers rant(which is ignored) or give them accolades (which they can publish as marketing). mostly it’s just so they can check off the box that they have good customer communication/relations – and they can tell corp/board/stockholders…they don’t really want to know, but on the bright side, if you’ll fill in their forms, the can gather more data about you.
    “there was a lot of time wasted . . . but computers — and smartphones — just made it that much easier.” HAHA – that’s so true! (It’s far too common to have someone tell you to slow down – you are getting too much done and making others look bad…reasons why it’s better to work for yourself if possible)
    Great picture – astute cartoon


    • disperser says:

      Yeah. When I owned a company, I was relatively lax about productivity as long as deadline were met. Then again, we had a great group of employees. I don’t remember any letting us down when stuff had to get done.

      However, that was before twitter and facebook and widespread superphones. Not sure what it would be like now. The last office I worked in it wasn’t unusual to walk in on workers sitting and staring at their phones but most were pretty productive. I think the key is to have a good relationship with employees. The last company I worked for was bought out by a bully-jerk and I noticed big drops in what got done. Also, a big increase in the time people spent complaining about stuff.

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  4. Have the same problem here; so I answer all of them and feed them a load of bull, Keeps me amused, but then little things do don’t they Emile?


  5. HA! That’s the best option I’ve heard! That one is never on any of the surveys I get in the mail or via phone. The place we bought our last car from was always sending surveys and calling constantly to get feedback…until recently…they handled something badly and big surprise they have NOT called yet to find out how we felt about our latest encounter with them. :o

    PHOTO: Love the texture, the feel, and the colors!
    CARTOON: I image a lot of bosses saying such things these days! Your true story you shared…I have a similar one/experience. But I won’t tell it here and make my comment longer than your post. :-)
    DOODLE: Love this! And that could definitely give the neon lights on The Strip some fierce competition!

    HUGS!!! :-)


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