Samsung Note 8 Photos — May 2018, Part 2

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Continuing from Part 1, this post will go faster as most of the photos are miscellaneous things and not cultural locations and stuff.

This is another wall decoration depicting a gecko. 

People really like geckos . . . most people. I like them too, but not in the condo. I’ve covered the erroneous belief they keep bugs from infesting your condo and I’ve covered the fact they can carry diseases and I’ve covered the fact they crap all over the place. None of that seems to matter to people because geckos are colorful, almost look fluffy, and have big eyes I theorize hypnotize humans into liking them. Luckily, I’m immune. 

One thing I’ve not done much here is collect shells. I occasionally see people walking along the few beaches here and pick up this or that odd shell. The problem is that we’re not usually out at the beach early (or ever) and because there are few beaches and they are well frequented, by the time we might get there, the pickings are slim. 


These were part of the decorations on the outer surface of a vase. 

This is another decorative piece but I don’t think it’s Koa wood. 

These next three photos are from a visit to Tex Drive-In (a malasada run, as it were) and these plants have previously appeared on the blog. Consider this an update of sorts. 

I think that is an Aloe Vera plant. 

Here are two photos updating the progress of the pineapple growing on the side of the building. I probably should add something to indicate the size, but the fruit itself (without the crown) is probably six inches tall or thereabouts. Like I said, I’ll check next time. 

Next up, some Parasol Mushrooms snapped over the course of a few days. Most don’t survive long because kids find them irresistible targets for their kicks.

The photos themselves are captured in different lighting with and without flash and at various stages of development. Rather than comment on each one, I’ll just show them all and readers can quickly scan through them. 

As you can see, I tend to capture multiple photos and from different angles. Often, I’ll make sure I take two or three different versions of the same scene and from the same angle. 

That’s a hint for people who would like to “do better” in photography. If you see something you like, something that is not likely to be repeated or that you’re not likely to encounter again, take multiple photos. My philosophy is that you can always delete photos after the fact but that you seldom have the opportunity to take more after the fact. 

Next up, one of the most recognized tropical flowers  . . . the Anthurium. I should say “most associated with Hawaiʻi”  as opposed to “recognized”. I mean, perhaps everyone knows the name of the flower but my gut feel is . . . nope. 

The first one is shot using the camera flash. I try to avoid using the flash because it’s seldom balanced and can make things look harsh. 

OK, I’m listening to music as I’m composing this post and this song just came on . . . 

If you don’t want to listen to it, don’t click play.

Next up, we have the Carolina anole . . . 

I have some neat photos of one of these guys on some flowers. I think it’s in the June batch. There are a number of these guys around but they don’t try sneaking into the condo. Or, if they do, they are very good and leave before they are spotted. They also come in brown but that makes them much more difficult to see unless they happen to be moving.  

The rest of the photos are container art . . . meaning, these are drawings on the side of shipping containers at a local building supply co-op. You’ve already seen the big owl painted on the side of the building . . . 

That’s actually clickable for a larger view. 

Anyway, they have these containers painted along the same owl motif. 

But, in case you didn’t like the somber music of the previous video, here’s one a bit more lively and entertaining. I do like these mish-mashes of modern music and dance moves from different movies. 

Anyway, here come the owls . . . 

The interesting thing about these photos is that the view to these containers is usually blocked by semi-trailers parked alongside them. 

I happened to get lucky one day as I was on my way elsewhere and the trailers were gone. I did a u-turn and rushed back to the parking lot to snap these photos. 

Yes, I also took a set with the P900 but this post is about the Samsung Note 8 photos. 

I only have one more of these posts to cover the 80+ photos I culled from the 400+ photos I snapped in May . . . but then I also need to share the videos so probably two more posts.

I want to end with something that crossed my radar . . . this is Grace Slick’s voice isolated as she sings White Rabbit.  

Whatever you think of the song or the singer, the voice impressed me. Understand, I’m neither a musician or singer so I’m easily impressed. If you want to hear the song with the music, click HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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