Project 313 – Post No. 111

I’ve been doing a number of posts about blogging lately . . . strange that because I don’t consider myself primarily a blogger. 

Mainly, I’m a snacker. I don’t go long periods of time without snacking. I also enjoy processing photos as I snack. Maybe I’m a snacky photographer. 

I do enjoy writing, though . . . so . . . a writing snacky photographer . . . who blogs. 

What am I babbling about, you’re wondering. 

Well, it’s late and I want to knock out a few of these posts before heading to bed. It’s just that it never feels right having just a few words to go with the photo, cartoon, and doodle. 

I mean, I feel a certain obligation toward providing something for my Aussie readers to complain about . . . although, other readers are also free to complain. It’s just that, you know, the Aussies complain the most; I feel like I owe to them, ya know?

And now, the photo:

Project 313 111

I’m not sure if the material is wood with a very big cellular structure or a piece of sponge . . . coral, maybe. I couldn’t rightly tell when I was there and only noticed the texture once I looked at the photo. 

You might not believe it but it was fairly dark where I snapped that photo. You wouldn’t know it because the Note 8 is very good at snapping photos in low light. That’s without even using the flash. 

If or when I’m there again, I’ll give it a better look and even ask the proprietor if they know the composition of the statue. I do like the statue. Since everything else in that place is very expensive, I expect this piece as well to be outside what I consider a reasonable price. We’ll see. 

I wonder what the price would be if we’d never invented numbers?

Something to think about. I can just see Trump trying to explain how large his crowds of adoring fans are. 

“There was Jim, and Bob, and another Bob, and Steve; Steve brought his son Steve Junior . . . There were a lot of Jeffs. The NYT says there weren’t that many Jeffs but that’s just more Fake News. Many, many, Jeffs were there. More Jeffs than anyone has ever had in one place before. And Earls, too. You couldn’t even list all the Earls that were there because it would take too long. Also, I’m smart. So smart that no one can recognize how smart because it’s outside the normal range and no one has seen anything like me before.”

Honest, I can almost hear him speak . . . brings tears to my eyes, it does. So do onions and tear gas. 

There are few things sadder than . . . a Rainbow Seed Ball Viewed Through the Tears of a Clown.

Rainbow Seed Ball Viewed Through the Tears of a Clown

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

You can read about Project 313 HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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15 Responses to Project 313 – Post No. 111

  1. It is the English connection that makes them good moaners!

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  2. Yvonne says:

    Yes, I do hear mentions of whinging Poms, from time to time, Andrew.

    And, it’s good night from me, in Australia. Let’s see if the Disperser’s prodding stick will rouse the grumpy old curmudgeon.


    • disperser says:

      Moaners . . . whinging Poms . . . what sort of language is this? Let me look up whinging Poms . . .

      “A person of British {sic} origin who will consistently complain about any situation that they may face. They are emotionally unable to deal with any sort of adverse condition without commenting negatively about it.”

      . . . hmm . . . they misspelled Brittish but otherwise, that sounds somehow familiar . . . somehow I can’t quite place my finger on.

      Also, I ain’t prodding nobody; paid them a compliment I did, thinking it was all in good fun but now I’m learning they might be complainers for real.

      . . . huh! . . . I done learn things a bit every day.

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  3. Love that statue…looks like a religious token of some sort, doesn’t it?
    And Australians may complain a bit, but they seem to tend to be amusing about it, at least here.


    • disperser says:

      Idolatry is alive and well in many cultures although usually involving exaggerated features in favor of whatever . . . er . . . favor one is asking of that or this diety.

      In this case, it must be asking for fantastic senses of smell and hearing.

      Seriously, about half the items in that place are either from cultures I know nothing about or they’re just art (authentic or not) . . . or both.

      Oh, I grant you Australians are amusing, alright.

      I admit to feeling a bit strange needling Australians as a group since I know a couple who seem, act, and write normal-like.


  4. oneowner says:

    I snack, too, but usually not around my computer. I prefer salty snacks as opposed to sweet ones but, having said that, I do tend to have a bag of Jelly Bellies with me at all times. There is a store here that sells them by the pound and you get to pick whatever flavors you want. I’m very fond of watermelon.


    • disperser says:

      As a result of me being around computers nearly all day I, perforce, eat at my keyboard.

      I’m studiously aware and careful about not getting foodstuff on any component. Sometimes I even wipe my fingers clean before typing.

      As it happens, I just snacked on a piece of toast as I’m reviewing my comments. Only a few crumbs made it between the keys so I’m calling it a win.

      I don’t eat gummy bears (or similar candy) as I don’t like the texture. Also, here, everything sticks together because of the heat and humidity. I’d have to eat, like, twenty or so at a go unless I spent time separating them. Then, I’d have to remember to clean my finger before typing.


  5. Canadians complain too but very politely


    • disperser says:

      Yes . . . I think Mormons learned from them.

      Having lived at the border for some 26 years, I’ve never actually heard Canadians complain. Well, once or twice during hockey season, maybe.

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  6. Snacking is good to have as THE thing in your life. And you can do all the other stuff in-between the snacking! What are your go-to favorite snacks these days?!

    PHOTO: He do look very spongy! But, cute!
    CARTOON: HA! Yes, yay for numbers! They can be important! Oh…I always thought In-N-Out Burger was cool because you have a choice of 4 things + drinks. The 4 things keeps it very simple! Great for indecisive peoples! :-D
    DOODLE: Love the colors, brush strokes and softness of this one! But, the title/name makes me sad. I don’t want clowns to cry. I met a clown who thought I was too aggressive, too extroverted, and too silly. I found him to be too quiet, too introverted, and too serious. He was in the wrong profession. :-P

    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      Pecans, walnuts, sweet bread, some vegetables, other bread, chocolate, sourdough bread either with just cheese or salame and cheese, any of the leftover we have so long as they are not broccoli, cookies, crackers, macadamia nuts, other cookies, and stuff . . .

      Thanks, Carolyn and let me tell you a story you might have heard before . . .

      Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says, “Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. Says, “But doctor…I am Pagliacci.”

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      • Great snack choices! We do raw nuts, fruit, or even a bowl of cereal. I like a dill pickle now and then, too. :-)

        Yes, I’ve heard that story. But thanks for sharing it. We must remember that often those who make us laugh have their down times, too.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. paolsoren says:

    That statue could possibly have been carved from a piece of a palm tree trunk which have very coarse cells. But I could be wrong.


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