Project 313 – Post No. 108

It’s actually Saturday as I write this . . . and I’m a tad annoyed.

Not an unusual thing, that. I mean, I’m fairly easy-going . . . in a constantly-annoyed-kind-of-way.

Honest, from other drivers to neighbors to politics to religion to people in general . . . there be a lot of annoyance to be had. Most, I brush under the corner of my subconscious much like some people sweep their dirt under the carpet so that it’s out of sight.

Sometimes, the dirt flings back the carpet and screams at you to notice it.

Such was the case at the gym. Usually, the locker room is fairly quiet. I think the place is losing business to competitors who have working A/C units, working hot-water, clean — and working — showers, clean lockers, and a friendly staff who seems interested in all the patrons and not just the ones they personally know.

That’s not why the locker room is quiet, though; those are just general observations. The reason it’s quiet is that few people seem to shower. The grime probably puts them off. Or maybe is the poorly-functioning showers. Or the drains that almost — but not quite — function as such. But I digress . . .

Today (this, again, being Saturday as I write this) I entered the locker room after my workout and reveled in the quiet of the place . . . and then, the music started. Not just started; blared. Someone was taking a shower and had put a mini-boom-box on the floor near the rest of their stuff (brave that; them floors are not exactly clean) and was playing music while they showered.

Side Note: for some reason, when people do shower, most take what I would call an inordinate amount of time. Mind you, I’m not a shower speed demon, but eight minutes is about the most I’ll spend washing and rinsing. Some people are in the shower when I enter the locker room, while I change and get my towel and soap, while I take my shower, while I towel-off, while I get dressed, and I usually hear the water turn off just as I’m walking out of the locker room. Weird.

Anyway, this music was loud. Very loud. Also, it was some kind of island-rap stuff.

Basically, lots of noise, some swearing, and simplistic and repetitive beats. I mean, I didn’t puke or anything like that, but I also could have done without hearing it for the 15 minutes I spent in the locker room.

Understand, it’s not just the music. It’s the idea of it. This young person (it was a young person) gave no thought whatsoever about anyone else. Imagine if I were the same way and we’d have two (or more) boom-boxes blaring out different music in a loud volume in an enclosed space. I’d probably be playing THIS . . . it would make for an interesting mix.

I don’t think the guy was a jerk . . . I honestly think it didn’t occur to him that his rights stopped at the border of other people’s rights.

And that’s what has me irritated. Not the music . . . but the fact it reminded me the majority of the population is exactly like that person; they have no concept of being mindful of the rights of others, or of the well-being of others, or that others might be impacted by their actions.

I suppose I should have said something . . . but, realistically, there’s no way to say anything in those kinds of situations without making it seem that you’re both complaining (you are) and that you think the other guy is an asshole (you do).

That’s why I’m irritated . . . everyone should think about how they are presenting themselves to others and be more self-aware of their own behavior by performing the simple mental experiment whereas they put themselves in the other person’s shoes or even imagine themselves subjected to unwanted public behavior.

We can talk about the bigger problems of society, but that is where they all start . . . when we give no consideration to others and favor only what we want.

Apparently, it’s now the American Way.

And now, the photo:

Project 313-108

That’s one of Melisa’s latest quilting efforts. It’s a practice panel and it’s not yet quilted, but it’s put together. She’s also put together a three-pineapple version of the above (obviously, longer). I was a tad skeptical of the colors but they work well with each other.

I’ll be showing variations of that photo; variations subjected to the many plugins I have that can turn a photo of a work of art into a different work of art.
Speaking of people and the future (we were speaking about that, right?) I find this cartoon appropriate.

Mind you, it’s not to say my generation was any better focused . . . but, at least, we knew how hats were designed to be worn.

. . . perhaps that was our problem all along . . . that, and multiplying like rabbits.
The idea we’re multiplying like rabbits doesn’t seem to worry many people (but, ask Australians how they feel about rabbits) . . . Me? I worry about there being Not Many Open Spaces Left.

Not Many Open Spaces Left

And . . . that’s it
Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.
You can read about Project 313 HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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