Project 313 – Post No. 107

Sunday . . . a day of rest. Meaning, we don’t go to the gym. I might do a few exercises here at the condo (it’s too hot to go outside). 

I think I’ll begin with repeatedly lifting spoonfuls of stuff from my bowl to my mouth until the bowl is empty. Not sure yet what exactly it will be. 

I’ll then move to free weights . . . well, more like free chips. I think twenty reps of bag-to-mouth ought to do it. 

In between, I’ll probably do quick sprints to the cookies.

That should carry me through the morning and up to lunch. After lunch, I’ll probably relax and have a few snacks. 

And now, the photo:

Project 313 107

Those flowers are really difficult to photograph because they bloom at night and by early morning they are on their way out. That one is already closing. 

It’s a Night Blooming Cereus (Queen Of The Night Cactus).

One can often find great relationship advice in the funny pages . . . 

I think that there might be the secret to a long and happy marriage. You should try it . . . but not if you’re a guy. I mean it; don’t even think about it or your ass is grass. 

It’s Sunday, so I also don’t want to think about . . . When Hemorrhoids Go Nuclear.

When Hemorrhoids Go Nuclear

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

You can read about Project 313 HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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