Blog Maintenance – July 2018

So, I’ve got a headache and I’m cranky and I’m pissed off at — surprise, surprise — WordPress.

Sunday is our day off from exercise and we typically spend the day relaxing. Relaxing means I work on photos, writing, and this blog and Melisa does her quilting and watches some of her shows. 

Well, early this morning I had the bright idea to reorganize the blog. 

“What do it mean?”

Well, Bob, it means I restructure the menu, categories, and tags. The categories are mostly for my benefit but they also become the menu headers. If you look at the black bar right above the title of the post and below my header photo, you’ll see it’s missing my typical menu. Right now, it’s just “Home” and “About”  and a new “FAQ” whereas it used to have other stuff like “Writing” and “Photography” and so on. 

For a little while, the menu will remain sparse. I’ve created all the categories I want, but I’m still tweaking the order and grouping and will rebuild the menu once I have them settled. 

Edited to add: You’ll see the menu change and stuff being moved around. Also, since I’ve renamed and/or created categories, not all are yet populated. I’ll announce when I’m done. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something specific, use the search box at the top of the sidebar.

So, why am I pissed off? Well, WordPress has a very poor interactive category manager. Worst yet, the “old” manager does some neat things the new one won’t let you do. BUT . . . when it does it, it gives you an error and you have to get back to the root menu. The “new” manager also does some neat things, but it has some quirks that are annoying. For instance, you can’t demote a category within a group because it will give you the error that it already exists. 

It took me a while to discover workarounds so that I can get the organizational tree the way that I want it but it involved going back and forth between the old and new manager and moving categories outside of a given group and renaming them in the process and then move the newly named categories back into the grouping I wanted and then rename them to the original name. 

If it sounds complicated, it’s because it is. Unless you’re wanting to rearrange your category hierarchy, you needn’t worry about it (not that you were). 

Bottom line, rather than working on posting the 346 photos I processed from the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum, I spent the day wrestling with WordPress. Oh, well; it had to be done. 

As part of the reorganization, I’m getting a new footer since no one seems to have clicked on any of the links for quite some time and also some of the associated posts are a tad outdated given the change WordPress has implemented since I’d written them. 

Hence, the new “FAQ” page that contains most of my previous disclaimers. The footer below is the new format although it too might get tweaked here and there. 

And now, a photo for them who will only look at the photo and not read any of the above.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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