Project 313 – Post No. 050

Wow . . . the golden anniversary of the project. I should get myself something; a snack, perhaps. Hold on; I’ll be right back . . . 

. . . you can’t tell, but it’s the next day . . . and I’m below my self-imposed buffer as far as Project 313 posts in the can. That means shorter posts (comparatively) but still of such high quality that people are drawn to them like flies to sh . . . er . . . bears to honey. 

Anyway, 50th post . . . again, wow . . . it seems like only yesterday we were still in the 40s. 

Let me take a look at the various topics I’ve been jotting down as discussion ideas for these pages . . . too long . . . too deep . . . too wide . . . Dang! All of my current possibilities require longer treatments than I’m prepared to tackle on this post. That means only one thing . . . more banality. 

How about I express my opinion on shorts? I’m referring to pants. Sometime over the past twenty years, shorts — I’m referring to shorts for men — have gradually lengthened. It’s as if men — and especially, athletes — are jealous of capris. Heck, shorts are practically there if you consider some of the younger crowd like to ride them low.

I cannot find shorts that stop at mid-thigh. I have one pair left from the 80s and I save them for special occasions . . . but since I have no special occasions, they’re generally sitting in a drawer. I do have two pairs that I like but they are now approaching the quarter-century mark. Mind you, they still fit and they have an optimal number of pockets but are now badly discolored from exposure to two years of tropical sun. Where they once were blue, the lower half is now a faded dirty-looking brownish-blue that makes it look like I’ve not bothered to wash them. 

For them who care, THIS is what they used to look like. When we have a house (again) I’ll try dying them blue. I don’t want to try it in the condo because I don’t know what kind of mess it will make. 

Even swim trunks are now sporting below-the-knee hemming. I suppose I could buy a pair of pants and cut them to size (used to do that) but guess what . . . they don’t make pants like they used to, either . . . that’ll probably be a topic for another post.

In case anyone thinks about mentioning it, I know they do make long pants with removable lower portions of the legs . . . but those conversions into shorts also come down to the knee. Plus, they now have an annoying zipper that will tap dance on your kneecap.

What I hate most about these longer shorts is the way they look when worn . . . I mean, I don’t care and I wear them anyway, but the look is not flattering. The short drop down all the way to my knee and are baggier (a nod to an overweight population, I assume). If you turned them into regular pants by extending the hem, they would be classified as pantaloons.

I suppose that — like everything else — I’ll continue to adapt to the accepted convention, but I’m not pleased. Nope! Not pleased at all.

And now, the photo:

Project 313 050

That is a painterly treatment of a covered bridge photo I snapped in New Hampshire. 

I like that treatment. It’s another one I might try drawing once I’m more comfortable with complicated drawings. 

Keeping it short, let me jump right into today’s comic featuring an appearance by our old friends, Willie ‘n Ethel . . . 

Okay, see, that there is why I like these cartoons. Yes, yes, I know . . . some people don’t find them funny. What can I say; there are many hilarity-challenged individuals in this world and our current understanding of how the brain works isn’t yet at a stage where we can help them. It’s just the way things stand.

For today’s doodle, this final animation dispensing with the remaining versions of this particular doodle . . . I call it . . . Same Thing With More Different Versions.

Same Thing With More Different Versions

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

You can read about Project 313 HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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