Project 313 – Post No. 043

I’ve just realized these posts occasionally take the place of my longer and more spirited opinion rants. I call that a good thing as it still lets me get things off my chest without working myself up a whole lot.  

Of course, often, they’re not opinions per se as much as thoughts about stuff I observe or that intrudes into my awareness via articles or videos. Sometimes, things just pop into my head out of the blue. Or the gray . . . or whatever is up there. 

Like, for instance, I was thinking about fame. There’s extreme fame, such as the royals getting married and having a large portion of the world tune in to watch. I didn’t, but even without my expressed interest in the affair, I heard a lot about it through indirect means.

Most of it related to personal stuff; stuff like family relations, how this or that person might feel about this or that other person, and the like. Even if not true, it might be stressful to head pundits discuss whether one’s spouse is making a mistake, is worthy, or has family that is slightly nuts. The Royals are used to being thought of as inbred and possibly mad, but what if you don’t have the upbringing to handle the limelight, unearned praises or castigations, and being put under a microscope exploring not only your actions but also what you might be thinking and what motivations you have for doing one thing or another. 

I’m not necessarily speaking about the bride because she was already in the spotlight as an actress.

You. I’m speaking about you. 

Or, me. Let’s say something happens that causes the huge eye of Sauron . . . er . . . the Media to turn its gaze toward you, your family, your past life, your current life, and then proceeds to examine every minute detail, complete with critical analysis and speculation about why you might like or not like Spam and how come you pick on people from Brittain and Australia?  (For the record, it’s because they pick back, plus it’s fun working them up.)

Even if you’re perfectly pure of heart and mind and your life is boring, it doesn’t keep people from flat-out inventing stuff. Plus, let’s say you’re interviewed or go on a talk show because your publisher wants you to promote your hugely successful book. You’re casually chatting, might make a joke or two, might say something as a lark that someone decides insults the heritage of idiots. Why, the next day you’ll have a deluge of everything that ranges from disappointed “tsk, tsk” to outright death threats. 

And that’s if you mess up. But what if you’re asked your honest opinion about something and you tell the truth?

The way things stand, you have a pretty good chance of pissing off one or the other side of what has become an increasingly divided and — dare I say — hysterical country. 

Do you have the fortitude to handle the backlash? Even if you do, does your spouse or — if you have them — your kids? The rest of your family? Friends? The guy you nod to every morning but whose name you don’t know? All of them will be gathered up by both traditional and social media and thrown into the meat grinder so they can be served up on a bun to an audience who thrives on junk food. 

And that’s why I’m not rushing to become a famous author and make millions selling amazing novels. 

I’m sure I could handle it, but I am concerned for all the people I know and care about. I remain anonymous so that their lives don’t end up a living hell. 

. . . you’d think I’d get more thanks for it, but all I ever hear is “you should try to publish that.” 

They know not what they’re asking. 

And now, the photo:

Project 313 043

That a painterly treatment of a view from atop Pulpit Rock, in Colorado Springs. I meant to go there a few times but only made it there once (HERE) and that should be a reminder to everyone to make time for the things near you. Putting them off often comes back to haunt you if you move away and then realize you should have done/seen something or other. 

For as many things we did make an effort to see during our eleven years in Colorado, there were many more that were left for “later” . . . a later that never came and is now not likely to ever come. I mean, I’ll pass by there again, but there’s still a lot to see. Then again, that’s the case no matter where you live. This is a relatively small island and I’m sure there are places that I’ll never visit. 

I think it’s human nature to innovate, often by adapting things in our environment to new purposes. I presume that’s how inventors work and also most of us. It’s not difficult finding someone who had an idea for a gadget or something to facilitate a task. Most don’t act on it, but some take the chance and make out like bandits. Of course, that’s more the exception than the norm. 

I’ve had a few such ideas in the past and all I lacked was the funding, expertise, and drive to realize them into a sellable product. Yup! I was that close to becoming a gazillionaire. 

Things have been a bit boring lately but no more; I give you . . . Whoa! Supernova!

Whoa! Supernova!

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

You can read about Project 313 HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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