A second quick post about post-processing

The first quick post about post-processing post generated a comment and got me thinking I need some practice with Photoshop and Topaz.

This was the comment by doesitevenmatter3 (diem3):

Now if only you could set that handsome gorilla among the palm leaves with the flower on his head or in his hand! THAT would be something to see! HA!

So, I took this photo . . . 

. . . and this photo . . . 

Florida 2013, Animal Kingdom,

. . . and came up with this . . . 

Now, I’m no expert, so if you look too closely, you can see where I neglected to clean up some stuff. But, I did try to get the shadows close and to blend the two photos with very different color schemes to a semblance of reality. 

Most will say I did a poor job . . . and that’s why I played with it a bit. First off, I know that B&W is somewhat more forgiving than color photos. Gray is gray no matter the photo whereas colors in one photo can have different properties than colors in another photo.

I thought it not bad, but I wondered if some of the Glow or Impression plugins treatments might help mask the imperfections . . .  

That changed the colors too much and probably went the opposite way from realism. 

That helps the blending but it’s a fairly coarse drawing. 

That has only a bit of painterly effect and I thought it did help a bit. Of course, when all else fails, you can distract the viewers by adding a frame and making the image smaller and thus making it more difficult to resolve details.  

Hmm . . . let me try another version of the B&W . . . 

Hard to tell, but tI would almost call this the best version. 

It’s at this point that I remembered diem3 mentioned something about a flower . . . I quickly got one of my plumeria photos and made a lei (a Hawaiʻian garland typically made with plumeria flowers people steal from trees, string up, and sell to tourists) . . . 

Hmmm . . . The flowers are too sharp and too bright . . . 

OK, the shadows don’t look right but it’s late and I want to relax a bit before hitting the sack. Perhaps watch some retributive vengeance movie where a whole slew of bad guys get terminated with extreme prejudice. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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