A quick post about post-processing

So, the Project 313 Post 31 that went live earlier has a flower photo and I mentioned that I photoshopped away some ugly detail. 

I had a few photos taken with the Note 8 and both showed the remnants of a previous flower that had died and rotted right under the current flower (which would also eventually die off and rot). 

Of the two, I thought the second one was the better composition. By the way, those are as-shot, right out of the phone. No post-processing at all. . . I do like that camera. 

Anyway, having decided on the second shot, I went into Photoshop and . . . 

That does have a bit of contrast, brightness, and saturation adjustments . . . as well as no longer having the ugly stain. it was a bit of a pain because I didn’t have a whole lot of clean deck I could use (I cloned the clean areas over the stain) and even then, I had to adjust burn the area to match the brightness and color of the original. It’s not perfect, but then I’m not sending this to a museum. It’s also a bit softer than the original and I almost added the grain, but I didn’t think anyone would be looking at the deck too closely. 

This, of course, was the finished product.

Another photo I really liked (Project 313 Post 028) is that of the copper palm against the background of green palm leaves. 

This shot is taken with the D7000 and the Nikon 70-200mm lens, so it has a lot more information and better resolution even at the pixel level. Here’s the original and what I published. 

However, I struggled to choose between that final product above and either of these next two . . . 

I prefer the one I ultimately chose, but I also like those two. 

The thing with Project 313 that’s causing me a mild discomfort is that many of the photos I show can be processed different ways; ways that look different but just as interesting.

I almost wanted to do a companion series titled The Photos of Project 313 — An Exploration of Creativity.

Who knows . . . perhaps when I’m done with the project I’ll do just that . . . hmm . . . 

Florida 2013, Animal Kingdom,

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