Project 313 – Post No. 022

It’s a catch-22, it is . . . on the one hand, Google (the company) is disappointing me more and more each day. On the other hand, they offer a lot of convenient and useful things. 

However, at some point, their practices, hypocrisy, and general lack of identifiable ethics will make it easy for me to walk away from them. 

Let’s see . . . what would that mean? Well, the easiest is changing my e-mail. But, is it easy? Yes. There are free alternatives and a few that cost a bit but not much. Heck, I still have my AOL e-mails and it would be easy to switch to one of them. I could even use one for business stuff (banks, billing, utilities, etc.) and one for personal e-mails. I still have my Yahoo! e-mail account, but that is probably not one I would choose. 

Would you believe I have my own domain name and it comes with e-mail? Yup. I wouldn’t set up my own mail server (look at the headaches it caused Hillary) but there are a couple of companies that could map my domain onto their servers. 

So, what else? Well, I use Google Maps, Google Earth, YouTube, I make use of Google Drive (but not much), Google Docs, I have a Chrome book (easily changed), and I have an Android Smart Phone.

Google Maps and Google Earth have viable alternatives and — truthfully — I don’t use Google’s mapping features a whole lot. When I used to go on road trips, I always made use of AAA’s TripTik service. Plus, I now have a Garmin device for the car. 

YouTube is nice; I use it and it’s better integrated into WordPress than my other alternative (Vimeo). There are, however, other platforms that are fast becoming less annoying than YouTube. The only way to grow those companies is to support them and hope they don’t turn into assholes as well. YouTube is making it more attractive for me to do so because they keep implementing annoying changes. In fact, they just messed with the interface and I’m now annoyed whenever I go on there. 

Of course, I still have the same blog theme I did when I started the blog in 2010. That points to someone who is not all that interested in change. But, that’s not true. I adapt to changing conditions rather easily. What I don’t like is a change that makes things worse. WordPress is a culprit when it comes to annoying users, but Google has perfected the art. And, that’s not even counting the fact most stuff Google offers eventually gets canceled.  

Google Drive and Google Docs are easily replaced with Zoho (I already have an account and e-mail address and their e-mail service is another one I might use. It’s almost a clone of GMail but without the ads and it’s a service I would consider using on a regular basis). 

By far, the Android phone would be the most difficult to replace (because there’s no phone comparable to the Note 8). I suppose I could go to an iPhone . . . but I’ve already invested in the Note 8. 

What I could do is not use Google as much. Not use the Chrome browser, not use the e-mail, not use any of their apps. 

So, why this sudden interest in ditching Google?

Remember their motto “Don’t Be Evil”? Yeah; neither do they. They replaced it with “Do The Right Thing” but that too seems an unobtainable goal for them. 

One of the concerns I have about Google is their involvement in social matters. Not evil, per se, but manipulative and hypocritical and inconsistent . . . dare I say, capricious? Yes, I dare.  

Look, Google is a private company. They can do anything they want and make whatever rules they want. I, as a private individual, can do what I want . . . curtailing and even eliminating my association with Google is something I’m seriously considering. 

The practical aspects are that Google is a defacto monopoly and at face value seem like they would be difficult to replace. . . but not really. There are alternatives. There’s also an alternative to WordPress, and that’s probably another thing I’ll consider if they keep mucking around with stuff.

And now, the photo:

Project 313 022

What else occupies my time these days? Well, not exactly occupying my time but wondering Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is going on with . . . Flat Earthers. Honest, for the longest time I assumed these were people who held such belief as a lark; a way to distinguish themselves from others. You know, like when politicians say they’re honest and care about their constituents. 

But, no; unlike faux-honest politicians, Flat Earthers really believe the Earth is Flat. It’s a disc, you see. 

I have a huge question to ask . . . how are these people even getting any screen time? Why do stories about a Flat Earth even cross my orbit? 

Then, I remember the times we live in. Who is president. Who almost became president. All of the religious adherents claiming they hold the one and only truth. Fox News. CNN. University professors calling for violence. Religious zealots calling for governments beholding to religious doctrine. Heck, after thinking about it for a few minutes, Flat Earthers don’t seem all that bad . . . except, you know, the fact that stupidity will be the downfall of mankind.  

We live at a time when all that is demanded of us is that we feel justified. Facts don’t matter; feelings do. Evidence doesn’t matter; ignorance has substance! 

Oh, yeah . . . I can see this working out really well. 

I’ve just finished prepping a slew of Willy ‘n Ethel jokes for these posts. Some of the ones I’ve already shared had been shown before on this blog (for instance, the one above). But, no more. The rest are all strips previously unseen on these electronic quasi-pages. 

I’ll probably mix in a few more drawings (non-GIF doodles) going forward as I don’t want to overdo the GIF thing. Meanwhile . . . 

Many tries; one success

And . . . that’s it

Some of these posts will likely be longer as the mood hits me, but most will be thus; short, uninteresting, bland, and relentless.

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That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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