Wherefore art thou ElBob?

Some of my readers are familiar with ElBob (LordBeariOfBow) and might be wondering about his absence from not only this blog’s comments the comments of a few other blogs he occasionally graces with his quasi-wit and what passes for humor. 

Well, while I can’t lay claim to a close relationship with ElBob (the man lives on a different island he claims is a continent), I do have a passing interest in his wellbeing since it takes years to groom a pseudo-nemesis and I have a lot of snark invested in the man. 

After reaching out, the word I received by return missive is that he not ” . . . been feeling the best for a while. Not sick, just bloody tired. I’ve not been sleeping well, haven’t been eating much either; might have to change my diet . . .” and he wanted me to let people know he’ll come back to haunt them with my cheerful stuff sometime soon.”

I do believe he’s finally warming up to the idea of switching to Spam as he mentioned it in very favorable terms. That can only bode well for his health as everyone is well aware of the many benefits of eating Spam.

Anyway, for the readers who’ve asked me about ElBob, that’s the update. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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