Topaz Labs Spring 2018 Sale

If you’re a frequent — or infrequent — visitor to this site you might be aware I let people know when Topaz Labs is having a sale on their PLUGINS and/or their GO PRO bundle.

It’s a bit confusing when you get in there because their plugins are listed as being half-off at $499 but the sale is an additional 40% off applied at the checkout, making the suite $299.

Likewise, their Go Pro bundle is listed at 50% off, but you get an additional 40% off making it $166. The Go Pro bundle adds additional adjustments and effects to Topaz Studio which is free and people should get regardless. I’ve written a bit about Topaz Studio HERE

OK, so, let me be clear . . . I get nothing if you avail yourself of this promotion. I am not associated with Topaz Labs in any way other than I own and use their products.  

The only reason I’m writing this is because they offer quality software at a reasonable price AND they have free upgrades for life. Well, OK . . . aside from the fact I like their products,  I want to support the company because I think they have a business model that is consumer friendly. 

So, here’s the thing . . . there are literally multiple hundreds of canned adjustments I could showcase, but I don’t have the time because I’m old and may keel over at any moment from the strain. Instead, I’ll take a recent photo of mine as it came out of the camera (the P900) . . . 

. . . show a basic adjustment . . . 

. . . and then show a few other adjustments. 

Adjustments like Clean’s Flat Style processing:

By the way, you can either click on the photos to see a larger version or wait until the end and scroll through the gallery to see photos side by side. 

You could try your hand at a few artsy variations using the Impression or Simplify plugins. 

The Glow plugin gives you many options, one of which is this abstract representation:

Understand that I could adjust the effect, increasing it or reducing it; that’s just the default for that one particular setting. 

I could combine Glow with Digital Frame . . . 

My Project 313 has many examples of Digital Frames. 

The B&W plugin and/or the Restyle Plugin lets you present photos that appear as if from another age . . . 

Their AI Mix plugin lets you get even more abstract  . . . 

As I said, I could sit here and give example after example . . . OR . . . you could try their products for free for 30 days. But, their sale is only until May 7th. 

Obviously, I can’t tell you what to do; all I can tell you is that I like their products and if at all interested, this is a good time to consider buying. 

Here’s the randomly arranged gallery for this uncharacteristically short post.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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