Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness 199 — Telephone

Leanne Cole does a weekly Monochrome Madness post consisting of all B&W photos submitted by users each week. It’s not a contest, but a place for photographers to show their B&W work; anyone can submit photos and it’s also a good place for seeing what can be done when it comes to B&W. 

At the beginning of each month, the submissions are supposed to follow a theme and for next week — Monochrome Madness No. 199 — the theme is Telephone. I’m sure many people will have artistic interpretations that escape my linear mind. Namely, instead of a photo of E. T. pointing to a far-off galaxy, I’m likely to just photograph a telephone.

The first idea I had was the infinity telephone . . .  

A picture of a phone showing a photo of a phone showing a photo of a phone showing . . . well, you get the idea. 

If you have good eyes, you’ll note the phone alternates between a Samsung Note 8 and a Samsung S8 . . . because those are the two phones I have access to. 

Obviously, the photo would be more interesting if each of the photos showed a different phone, but I have neither infinite time nor infinite phones. I have — as I said — two.  

Plus, after a few hours, I noticed you really can’t see the details of the 237th phone photo layer all that well. 

So, I then started looking through my vast archive of photos to see if I had any of interesting phones. Why, yes; yes, I do. Specifically, from our many instances of looking at dead people’s stuff

The first sample that crossed my path was this beauty . . . 

It’s one of the earliest cordless phones ever produced. 

Since it is an anticue (yes, that’s on purpose; it’s my pronunciation of antique), I thought it should be processed to look old . . . 

Hmm . . . it doesn’t quite look old enough to me . . . 

Still something missing . . . I know, the old tin-type photo process would reinforce the idea of old age, right?

And, as much as I like sepia, I still prefer B&W . . . also, a bit more aged, like if it had scratches and stuff. 

I liked all of these, but I know there’s going to be good stuff, unique stuff, that I’ll have to share the stage with . . . I need to bring my game up. 

How about a phone so old that it not only has a chord, but also lacks a dial . . . just the crank, like they used to have on the wall-mounted phones. I imagine this was — for its time — the equivalent to today’s iPhone X+.

Except, you really can’t see it very well. Here, let me clean it up a bit and make it more visible. 

Well, that looks fake! . . . here, let me go traditional. 

Now we’re back to not seeing the crank all that well . . . back to the drawing board. That, by the way, is a figure of speech. I don’t have a drawing board and I’ve not had one since 1978.

Almost there . . . just a bit more, and . . . 

I now have two decent — but still uninspired — candidates.

It’s clear I need something with more class, more refinement, more  . . . ambition.

 Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! But . . . a bit more punch, maybe?

What do you mean “too subtle”? You want bold? You want innovative? Here, how about this?

What? Sure, I can blend the last two photos . . . (works magic with a couple of mouse clicks) . . . 

Well, I’ll be! That’s not half bad. In fact, I think I like it, except . . . well, you know, it wasn’t my idea. 

Here’s my idea and what I will submit.

I know, I know . . . little imagination, nearly devoid of artistic interpretation, completely without the acknowledgment of the profound impact the Telephone had on society not just here, but throughout the world. 

Well, Bob, that’s why you should go and check out Monochrome Madness next week and see what people with real talent come up with. 

Where’s the poll? What do you mean, where’s the poll? 

Look, I seldom get enough votes to make it worth having a poll as I end up deciding because votes are usually split. For the last theme, all the photos that received votes had the same number of votes. Let’s face it, there are not that many people who actually read these posts. 

Yeah, you’re right . . . why punish the few because of the many? How about this as a compromise . . . I’ll have a poll about something else. 


Here’s some humor (warning: some uncensored) . . . 

This next one is only a bit on the phone, but . . . 

And now, a musical interlude . . . 

Here’s the gallery of the photos in random order . . . 

Monochrome Madness is open to all. As mentioned, it is not a contest; it’s a showcase for people’s adventures in B&W photography. Professional or amateur, all are welcomed. If you have a favorite B&W photo or even a not-so-favorite, consider contributing; you will not be judged, and the photo might provide enjoyment for a pair of eyes or two.

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. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.