Yes, Note 8 also for photos

Just a quick post with a few photos — and variations thereof — from my Samsung Note 8. On average, I snap roughly two to three photos a day using my phone. The majority never see the light of blog unless I take the time to play with them. 

What do I mean by that? Well, take this photo, for example . . . 

I saw that flower on my way to getting the mail, and I stopped to snap a photo. That might have been it, the photo languishing in the phone’s memory to eventually be archived . . . except that I happened to be editing some other photos and decided to play with the above as well.

By “playing with it” I mean editing it in Snapseed and then pushing it to Pixlr to finally end up with this . . . 

Is that a good photo or rendition of a photo? I don’t know. I found it interesting, but many might not like it. 

Of course, I don’t always play with photos . . . this next photo is presented as is. What’s interesting about it is that this was taken on Valentine’s Day. When I cook eggs, I don’t break the yolks until the white of the egg is nearly fully cooked. On this day, a rare thing happened . . . one of the eggs must have hit a corner of a bacon piece and it broke . . . resulting in a heart shape. Imagine that, a heart shape on Valentine’s Day. I grabbed the phone and snapped a photo.

Unfortunately, by the time I brought the phone to bear the yolk had run a bit, and the heart was less perfect than at first.

Occasionally, the grounds outside the condo sport new decorations. 

I snapped this photo thinking I would do an artsy version using Topaz’s Impression plugin. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a filter that looked substantially different from the original.

I mean, yes, if you look closely, but if you step back a bit, it looks pretty much like the original. Weird that. I guess macro shots are not suited for the plugin. So, I changed it to B&W.

I didn’t make the same mistake with this decoration . . . 

Rather than try a painting effect, I changed the colors.

Again, I don’t know that it’s “better” but I do know it’s “different”.

For the above shot, I cheated a bit . . . I used a mister to deposit water on the cobweb to make it visible. I assume the spider was not amused. 

I created the B&W version just to see if the web would still be visible. I’d say that’s a “yes”.

It was breezy at the time, and I had to reach way over the railing to get these shots, so a number of them ended up out of focus . . . like this next one. Not that you’d know it because I used the Topaz Glow filter to give me this . . . 

I did end up with a few decent shots . . . 

Note that is the same location, same spider, but two days apart. In between, we had a fairly severe thunderstorm with high winds and torrential rain . . . the above was taken the morning after an active weather night. Honest, I don’t know how they string the web up so fast; I’m confident the old one must have been destroyed. 

Here’s another version (and there’s an additional B&W in the gallery) . . . 

. . . and once again I tried an artistic rendition . . . 

That’s supposed to be a painting or a pencil drawing, I don’t remember exactly, but unless you click on it for a larger view, it doesn’t look much different from the original. 

Here’s a B&W version . . . 

This next one — with the corresponding B&W version — is probably the best shot I got of the web and spider. 

I previously mentioned I was happy with the phone’s ability to capture sunsets . . . 

Why, they even look good in B&W. 

Well, it’s 1:15 am and if Melisa wakes up before I get to bed, I’m sure to get a lecture on why I should get more sleep, so I better wrap this up. Here’s the gallery. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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7 Responses to Yes, Note 8 also for photos

  1. Wowza photos, Emilio!
    Aw. on the egg heart!
    I love the Topaz Impressionist turtle! Beautiful! There is motion in the background.
    The web photos are very cool! I especially like the artistic rendition. It has motion in it, to me. That spider was a busy bee! Maybe it was time to serve the family dinner and so some bugs needed catchin’ quick!
    HUGS and Happy Almost-Friday!


    • disperser says:

      Thanks, diem3 . . . and it’s Wednesday here, so not almost Friday yet.

      And yes, that spider keeps busy. The web spans the space between the leaves of a tree and the railing of the building. Just based on the winds, I imagine it gets damaged fairly often. On the other hand, it looks to be an excellent location, the narrowest part between two larger areas. Smart spider.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What on earth are those eggs splattered on? Looks positively revolting, and will probably look a damned sight worse once cooked, I wouldn’t serve that to a dog.But then again American dogs might have a more robust digestive system


    • disperser says:

      Bacon bits and jalapeno chunks. I then add mozzarella cheese to the lot. This is what it typically looks like once most of the egg white has cooked and I’ve added the cheese on top, but before I break the egg yolk and mix the lot:

      This is what it looks like once fully cooked:

      Now, I’m not sure what you do down there at the bottom of the world, but I wouldn’t feed this to my dog either. I’d feed it proper dog food. Although, I read that adding an egg to dog food is a healthy treat. I know they like bacon. I would, however, hold off on the jalapeno.


  3. AnnMarie says:

    Lovely photos and great looking breakfast (heart-y yolks and all!). Awesome shot of the full web!


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