A November Sunday Walk – video edition

When I published the Photo Version of this walk, I had considered posting a few of the associated videos along with the photos . . . but I didn’t. I now share those videos along with the following warning. 

This post has only videos. Boring videos made even more boring by the fact they’re slow-motion videos. In this age of quick gratification, you’re not going to find it here. 

And, that’s just one video . . . here come the others.

The majority — but not all — of the videos are of waves. Mind you, the place has been plagued by a lack of decent waves going on nearly six months now. I’m hoping the next few months will be better. 

The slow-motion videos are from both the Nikon P900 and the Samsung Note 8. The P900 does not record sound while in slow motion so I added music to those videos. Also, I shot them at 480p which means they are not that great at higher resolutions. I’ve since switched to shooting 720p with the P900, and those results — as will be seen — are a bit better.  

Here’s the first P900 slow-motion wave. There are two waves, and the second wave is the better one. 

NOTE: I have no control over the volume on your device; if the music is too loud or not to your liking, either mute the sound or lower the volume. 

In contrast — and lacking music in favor of natural sounds — here’s a Note 8 video . . . 

You might have noted the word “longer” in parenthesis . . . that’s because I treated the same video two different ways, and the second version is shorter. In part, because I clipped it, but I also changed the slow-motion speed for some segments. 

Here, you judge which version you like best. 

I don’t know which I like best . . . the crappy videos with the added music or the better videos with the natural sound. The crappy videos are also zoomed in a bit more, so that matters a bit. 

The thing is, I don’t have a great selection of music that I can use. I mean, I have lots of music I like, but if I embed anything copyrighted into the videos, YouTube takes them down and I get a cease-and-desist notice from the copyright holder. 

Waves are difficult enough, but I also had these next two videos in need of a soundtrack . . . I hope I chose well . . .

That’s the Pacific Golden Plover I showcased in the original post. It posed for me for a good while. 

I don’t mind the marriage of this music with these videos, but I was a bit stumped for the wave videos . . . somehow, I thought I should use something stronger; something epic. Epic! Of course . . . 

If I had a mixer and if I had any skills at timing the music to the video, and if I even knew what a mixer was, I would probably do a better job of marrying the sound to the visuals. 

Having heard the above, how does it now compare to the natural sounds? Again, I’m showing the same video edited to present the slow motion in two different ways.

I mean, I like the quality of the video and the way I can alter the location and the speed of the slow-motion effect but sometimes there’s more to presentation than visual quality.

Perhaps I’m just partial to epic music. Not that I don’t like the natural sounds of the ocean but this next video is over four minutes long and I think music would help pass the time.  

Now, true, I can take the same video and speed up the effect a bit and cut the video down to half the time, but still . . . 

I can’t help but think that music — like in this next video — would help. 

Anyway, some readers might remember this photo from the original post (yes, I lied; there is one photo in this post) . . . it looked as if she was losing her balance . . . 

. . . and she was; a second later, she splashed in the water. I missed the splash because the camera was not set up for burst and the P900 has a slow reset time between shots. 

When she got back up, I videoed her for a bit to see if she would fall again . . . she didn’t.

Careful readers might have noticed her in the background of previous videos. She was way out there and, again, the P900 does a good job of capturing shots and videos that would be difficult to get with my other equipment. Whether it’s worth getting, that’s another story. Whether the quality is there, another story yet. 

For now, the P900 remains a part of my photo-capturing process. Actually, lately, it’s been almost the sole part as I seldom take the big rig out for a spin. But, I did just that a few days ago. I’ll document that soon.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


Note: if you are not reading this blog post at DisperserTracks.com, know that it has been copied without permission, and likely is being used by someone with nefarious intention, like attracting you to a malware-infested website.  Could be they also torture small mammals.


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. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

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12 Responses to A November Sunday Walk – video edition

  1. WandaFaye says:

    Kept waiting for the pirate ship to appear in the horizon in video #11. I liked the music on #14!

    Liked by 1 person

    • disperser says:

      The video has the name of the piece and the website where it’s found. It’s free for personal use, so you can download it. The piece is longer than what I used. Actually, there are a number of pieces that are good enough to listen on their own.

      Also, if you like epic music, here’s the link to my current epic playlist:

      The first part is all singles. Later on the playlist, you get into hour+ long compilations.

      Alas, no pirates in these waters. Something about the US navy base on Oahu keeping them at bay (get it? at bay . . . nevermind).


      • WandaFaye says:

        Fantastic playlist! Very relaxing.
        I’m a morning person, evening is not my best time to get anything. My brain shuts down after 6:00 pm. :) I know at bay is an idiom though.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Videos of moving water are winners with me. We live near the water and sailed for years. I like sailing because it is quiet except for natural sounds and boats. I get tired of human produced noise. Still the epic music works better for me – the ocean is a big thing, so music should be pretty solid for it?


    • disperser says:

      Yes, human-produced noise is bothersome . . . but, some people don’t have the skill to fart or burp quietly, therefore, we must be charitable toward their lack of expertise by keeping our expressions neutral as opposed to making faces of disgust or disapproval . . . until they look away and have their back to us.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. AnnMarie says:

    I prefer either their natural sound or Epic music rather than just silence (or almost). Watching them move slowly and noticing the nuances of their movements is enthralling . . . so music or sounds would keep my attention from drifting . . .


    • disperser says:

      I think the phone slow motion at the 1/8 speed makes the sound more like a low rumble than recognizable sound. At the higher speeds, it’s a bit better.

      Overall, my option would always be to have music if played at anything other than full speed (and even then, occasionally the ambient noise is not adding anything useful). Unfortunately, that is time-consuming and — as I mentioned — my music options are few and limited, although I’m always scouring the Internet for Creative Commons or Public Domain music. Some artists I like do put some of their music up for free, but YouTube scans submitted videos using a program that might not always recognize the correct license for the music. It’s then easier to just replace the music or get rid of the videos altogether.

      A few videos I used to have up on YouTube I took down because of professed copyright violations; what happens is that someone will make a claim, and then, YouTube runs ads on the videos and the revenue from the ads goes to the people making the claim. You can fight it, but it requires time and money and it’s generally not worth it unless it is a piece of music you yourself created and someone is abusing it.

      I do think rolling waves and epic music are a good fit, but I have more waves than music.


      • AnnMarie says:

        You are very resourceful, so I’m sure you’ll find a way to have good music accompany your videos. Mixing your own may not be so far fetched . . .


      • disperser says:

        The word is “crafty” . . . I actually tried a couple of programs to compose my own sounds (not music, but something like it) but they have clunky interfaces that don’t do what I want.

        If I bought an iPad, I’d have access to Garage Band and from what I’ve seen, it does what I want BUT . . . I’m not blowing $500+ just so I can crank out distorted sounds for my videos.


  4. I love the ocean and its waves! The ocean is very calming and brings me peace…interestingly your slow-motion-ocean vids are even more peaceful to listen to and watch. With music or without…they are beautiful vids! Thank you for sharing them, Emilio!

    The Pacific Golden Plover was fun to watch! Love the head-scratching moments. I need to google this bird and learn more about it…see what its name means, what it eats, etc.

    It’s a cold day here…so it’s very nice to see the sunny ocean vids!

    HUGS and Happy Tuesday!!! :-)


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