A Costco Thanksgiving Meal

I mentioned in the previous post (or maybe not — I’m too lazy to check) that we were planning a Costco Thanksgiving Meal. People might wonder what that’s like. 

Well, Bob, it was good. 

So, what did we have? Well, the bowls are from Costco. The little white bowl with the dressing we brought with us as well as the silverware (the oil is from Costco). The lettuce, peppers, and cherry tomatoes are from Costco. The green beans are from Costco and we added walnuts that are — you guessed it — from Costco. The red stuff is ketchup slathered over what was a very good meatloaf (the food, not the singer) . . . from Costco. And, yes, that included the mashed potatoes, also very good, probably because they are made with a decent helping of butter. The extra butter that came with them was removed from the top and used to flavor the green beans. 

I’m not kidding; all that was very good . . . and topped off with a generous portion of Tuxedo cake . . . from Costco. 

And, in fine Thanksgiving tradition, we have plenty of leftovers. 

. . . tomorrow, back to the gym . . .

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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12 Responses to A Costco Thanksgiving Meal

  1. It looks very…
    … colourful!
    Luckily we don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK!


  2. oneowner says:

    Mmmmm!!! Meatloaf (the meal, not the singer) is in my top 2 favorites meals. I would gladely give up turkey (a foul meal) for meatloaf. But where’s the SPAM???!!!


  3. AnnMarie says:

    Looks mighty delicious . . . which you confirmed it was! And I see you have a new more stylized ejd . . . very nice!


    • disperser says:

      That’s the signature I use when I edit photos on the phone using Snapseed and Pixlr. If you go back to look at photos that were edited on the phone, I’ve been using that one for a while now, although I occasionally switch font if the subject warrants it. When I edit the photos in Lightroom, I output them with my regular watermark.

      Which reminds me, I should do a different watermark; ‘been using the same for a while now.


  4. Those mashed potatoes look very soft & sloppy, not what I’d serve up, but then I’m a cook not a supermarket.
    I haven’t made a meatloaf in quite a while, I’ll ask the War Office if she’d like one and if yes I’ll make one and might even post some pictures,
    The cake looks okay.


  5. All of it looks yummy to me! The cake looks especially yummy AND sinful!
    Glad you had such a great meal!
    Oh…BTW…I make a superb meatloaf!
    HUGS and hope your Sunday is sunny! :-)

    Liked by 1 person

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