Topaz Labs Black Friday Sale – Part 2

Readers of the blog might have noticed I often like playing with the various Topaz Filters Plugins. Guess what? If you’re thinking you should splurge for an early Christmas Gift for yourself or your favorite photographer, Topaz Labs is having a SALE.

As an incentive (in case you need one), here’s me playing with a few of my recent photos. Don’t worry, you can look even if you’re not in the market for the package. 

Specifically, this time I’m playing with just one plugin. The Topaz B&W Effects 2 plugin. 

For this quick exercise, I selected the following photo from one of my older posts:

Some will recognize those as my grandfather’s binoculars. I won’t link the original post as that might pressure people into thinking they have to click on the link and read the post. 

I have 12 different B&W treatments of the above photo, but know that the plugin has over a hundred presets and that doesn’t count the ones you can create and share. 

Rather than go photo by photo, I’ll just present the variations in monochrome in the gallery below. I mentioned monochrome because one of these photos is being submitted to next week’s Monochrome Madness post at the Leanne Cole blog. Next week’s submissions will comprise the 30th week of the 4th year of Monochrome Madness. 

Note, this is not a contest site; it’s just people who like B&W photos sharing their work. In two weeks, at the beginning of next month, the submissions are themed. This time it’s “Up in the air,” interpreted however you want. I’ll probably be doing a post about it in the next week or so. 

If you like B&W photography, it’s a good place to see pretty good examples. If you take B&W photos, perhaps you should consider contributing every week. 

Here’s the randomly arranged gallery for this uncharacteristically short post.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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9 Responses to Topaz Labs Black Friday Sale – Part 2

  1. AnnMarie says:

    The plugin did very well on such a grand old object. The B&W versions make it look even more distinguished!


    • disperser says:

      There are so many different takes that it would take me a day to document them all. I just went and picked some at random. I think most of these are pretty good.


  2. oneowner says:

    The Topaz B&W is very good but I have found the On1 v8 B&W a little more flexible. Probably on a par with SilverEfex (which is still free). With all these great tools available, I still find myself using Lightroom for most of my conversions. It lacks presets and some easy of use compared to the plugins but the Black and White Mix sliders are a lot of fun to play with.


    • disperser says:

      I still have ON1 9 Perfect B&W loaded on my machine. The presets were supposed to transfer over to 10, but they don’t give me the same results.

      Silver Efx 2.0 is good for some images but it finicky when it comes to adjustments, requiring more interaction.

      Lightroom has a number of presets, plus you can add some ON1 B&W presets as well as find some at Adobe. That said, I have about forty presets I saved and they are labeled based on what kind of photos they were applied to (birds, flowers, scenery, sunny, cloudy, dark, light, etc.). I also have different presets for the D100, D200, D7000, and P900 (and now the Note 8).

      That said, it’s difficult working with Lightroom because so many things change how other things work and their menus have me scrolling up and down to make sure what’s being changed in one place won’t affect something else. Mind you, I like the flexibility, but some of these other programs are easier to interact with. then again, I process anywhere from 20 to 100 photos at a time. Many people handle one or two. I would do likewise but I would then feel bad for all the photos that would sit unseen on my dark and silent hard drive.

      There are many sites that will give away samples of their presets so if you want to, you could accumulate quite the collection.


  3. PiedType says:

    Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Cheers!


  4. This is cool! I love B&W photos! And the binoculars are showcased well in each photo!
    I really like the photo that is under the green-background photo!
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      Thank you and . . . uh . . . there is no photo other than the green background one. The other is the gallery.

      If you mean under the green one in the gallery, that’s a problem because of the random order. Whenever you load it, the order changes. I probably should have numbered them, but I wasn’t doing a poll, so I didn’t.

      HOWEVER . . . let me number them.

      Liked by 1 person

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