Not the One Ring

I felt like posting some quick stuff so I took some of the Note 8 flower photos from a few post ago and played with them using a mix of the tools I have at my disposal. 

The full-size photos can be seen in THIS SmugMug Gallery, but since they are overly modified, the pixel-level view may be of limited use. Readers can also click on a photo to have a larger version open in a new tab or window.

I also decided to share some of the movies Google Photos assembles all on its own from photos from a given day. It’s not like it does it every day, so I don’t know how they decide to do it at all. They are occasionally not bad as far as these things go. For instance, here’s one:

Those are from the same day that I took the photos I’m using in this post and it also used snippets of the videos I took that day. It also used a couple of photos I deleted. You see, my photos automatically upload to the cloud, and not just in one place, but two. 

There are two more videos but they are too short to load on YouTube, so I’ll load them directly here.

For instance, this is the video assembled from the beginning of my recent vacation.

I know, the music is a bit cheesy, but it’s not a bad arrangement. 

This is a more recent video. Regular readers will have seen some of these in one of my recent posts. I would have left out the video clip of the people singing.

But, back to the photos I messed with . . . 

For the most part, I used Topaz Impressions — like the two photos above — but I also tried my hand at extreme processing of the originals . . .  

I like that the processing brings out the texture . . . but not that it amplifies the part that is not in focus. 

This next one cranks up the colors . . . 

. . . but I think it looks better darker and with more saturation . . . 

That, I’ll use on Deep Dream . . . in fact, let me do it now. Oops . . . it’s pretty busy, so I’ll come back to it once it’s finished. Meanwhile, back to artsy renditions using Impression. I think this is one of the Edward Hopper filters. 

I think that’s a good rendering. 

I wanted to see what my regular processing does with the Note 8 photos . . . 

These are probably pushed a bit more than usual because I wanted to see how the photo would handle it (edges of features, saturation/colors, sharpness, etc). You know what? It handles the extra push without too much trouble. I could have taken down the noise a bit, thus softening up the photo, but I don’t mind this look. 

Hey, Deep Dream is done . . . 

Eh, not amazing, but somewhat interesting. 

Here’s the last of the photos; grass treated with the Georgia O’Keefe filter. 

Right now, readers are asking themselves what all this has to do with the title of the post. 

The stuff above here, nothing. This next video, everything.

By the way, you can further slow the video using the settings for the video (lower right, the symbol with the HD over it). 

Here’s the very short gallery of the above photos:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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