Yup, still on the Note 8 . . .

. . . but I begin with a photo from my now defunct Samsung Note II.

This is not staged and it’s from last April. That’s how long I’ve been sitting on this. I’m sure the Universe wanted to give me a message (you get screwed if you buy coffee at Starbuck’s) but I already knew that, so this was just an interesting arrangement. 

That photo is edited in Snapseed (which keeps getting better and better) and the next two were further processed in Pixlr.

Honest, I tried to come up with something neat for this scene, but play as I might, I just couldn’t get something I was happy with . . . that’s why it took five months between the time I took the photo and sharing it. 

Anyway, The first of November had us drive around a bit. One of the places we went was the King Shops at Waikoloa (fish and chips, again). As promised, here is the wrap they use for the F&C . . . 

I wish they would have cut the paper so that the left margin was actually on the left, but at least you can read it. 

By the way, all of the photos here have a maximum size of 1280 pixel (the longest side) and you can click on any of them for that size photo to open in another window or tab. The originals are all in THIS SmugMug Gallery.

By “original” I mean the unedited photos as they came out of the camera. For that matter, with the exception of the above paper where I adjusted the white balance, all of the Note 8 photos on this post are as output from the camera with no editing other than to shrink them down.

Here are a couple of views of the lagoon separating the shops from the golf course and residences. Remember that this is a resort. An expensive one, at that. 

Those are a bit brighter than I like (a few of the highlights are blown out) but it was a very sunny day, so that’s to be excused. Otherwise, pretty dang good if I say so myself. 

These next shots were of a pond with a mix of shade and sun and water reflections. Again, I am impressed. Well, at least happy. For one thing, I don’t feel like I have to do anything to these shots to have them be presentable. 

That fish was neat as it had flowing fins. So neat that I tried a movie.

I have not played with the various videos options yet (slow motion, timelapse, and a few other bells and other bells). Some people call them Koi fish because it sounds better than saying, Carp . . . but they are Carps. 

I assume this is a reproduction of the petroglyphs (or, lavaglyphs) found throughout the islands. 

This was in the shade and I shot it without flash.

From there, we drove to Pine Tree Park in the hope of catching some surfers, but the waters had once again calmed and while it looked nice, the water was devoid of surfers. I did, however, see these neat leaves. 

This is strongly backlit, so, again, I am impressed.

Also, the road leading out of the park offers some nice lava formations.

I’m a sucker for lava and I like grasses, so this was a double treat. 

The sun was going in and out with these shots and I think I could enhance them a bit, but I want to show what the camera outputs. As a reminder, originals in SmugMug. Not as great as if shot with my big lenses, but not bad.  

From there, we went to the marina. Here, I’ll briefly switch to the P900 . . . Here are three shots at various zooms. These have been processed with ON1 Effects 10.

That last shot shows a boat pulling out . . . so I zoomed in . . . 

. . . and also shot a video.

And then, I caught another boat heading in. This is a longer video (about a minute) showing the boat backing into its assigned berth. Also, they obviously see a fish in the water because they get all excited and stuff. 

Now, most people will not go to SmugMug, and hence they will have missed one of the Pixar characters among the boats shown in the first photo. 

Well, it looks like a Pixar character to me . . . 

Edited to Add:

Using four photos from the P900, I constructed a panorama in Photoshop. Lightroom does panoramic stitching as well, but Photoshop is a bit better at it. 

That was processed using Nick Tools Efxs Pro 4. If you have a decent Internet Hookup and you don’t want to go to SmugMug but you want to see the full-size version of that photo, click HERE (7 MB, 9500×3400 pixels).

I then used Silver Efxs Pro to convert it to B&W . . . 

Again, for the full-size version, click HERE (same size).

You can see the face in both of those shots if looking at the full-size versions. 

So, how did the Note 8 do? Well, it doesn’t have the zoom of the P900, but . . . 

Those are as shot, right out of the phone. I think they could stand to be a bit warmer, but there is a Pro mode where I could adjust the White Balance. However, call me happy with those. 

What about panoramas?

Again, for a full-size version, click HERE (6 MB, 10000×2000 pixels).

Most people forget that you can use shoot a panorama in portrait mode (the phone upright as opposed to landscape, sideways). 

Not me.

For a full-size version, click HERE (8 MB, 9300×3700 pixels).

Here’s a cool trick the phone can do . . . once you shot a panorama, you can ask it to output a panning video. I did that and next are the two videos from the panoramas. Mind you, they don’t look great in YouTube, but they do look good on the phone.

There are some banding problems and I was not as smooth as I would have liked, but then I didn’t know I was going to output a video from the shot. 

Frankly, I would just do video, but the feature might come in handy sometime.

Here’s the gallery . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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17 Responses to Yup, still on the Note 8 . . .

  1. AnnMarie says:

    When you’ve got a triad of great equipment, subjects and photographic skills . . . you’ve got a winning combination! Beautiful photos, panoramas, and videos!


  2. Coolio, Emilio!

    I like the grasses sticking out of the lava! It looks like some old Troll dolls hiding and their yellow hair is sticking up! Ha!

    I wonder why that old dude is scratching his head?!

    Love he panorama shots!

    I went to SmugMug and I, also, enlarged many of the photos
    It has been a l-o-n-g day, it is late, and I am uber tired…I cannot see what you said looks like a Pixar character. :-( Could you give me and my pea-brain a clue?!

    HUGS!!! :-)


  3. Oh, PS…I love that Harrison Ford movie!


    • disperser says:

      One of our favorites as well. Especially the line “It’s an island, babe. If you don’t bring it, you’re not going to find it here.”

      . . . because we live on an island . . .

      Liked by 1 person

      • HA! I’m sure you quote that to each other. ???

        I love quoting movie lines to my young adult kids…they always get the references and laugh. Especially from movies they watched growing up.

        Liked by 1 person

      • disperser says:

        I quote movies all the time. Occasionally, quite irreverently. I’m sure if I were in the public eye, I’d be one of them people everyone is shaming because they made a joke in bad taste . . . like:

        A seal walks into a club . . .


      • disperser says:

        And, yes, we do say that to each other along with “It’s Hawaii. It’s paradise.”

        . . . there’s usually a fair amount of irony and sarcasm involved.


  4. The ex-Marine ‘guy’ looks lost, you could have at least gone to his aid. Scratching his noggin like that he’s liable to get splinters!


    • disperser says:

      He’s on a boat . . . I’m sure he’s right in his element. As for splinters, I’d worry more about his ass . . . and them would be fiberglass splinters; the worst kind.


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