In The Open

Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness — a weekly offering of monochrome images submitted by multiple photographers — has a theme on the first week of each month. For the first Thursday of November (MM 4-26), it’s “In The Open?” 

This isn’t a no-brainer. There is interpretation to be exercised and applied. For instance, the above shot of buffalos grazing in Yellowstone National Park’s open expanse could fit the bill. 

Also this next shot of herbivores grazing in the openness of the Badlands.

However, I’m not overly keen on these photos representing the theme. 

I then looked at the cadets at the Air Force Academy marching from the classrooms to the cafeteria They do that twice a week (I think) to the delight of the visitors. 

They assemble outside the classes and then march around to the other side of the square. You can see more (color) photos HERE

But, as long as I was at the AFA, I also gave a half-hearted thought to using the model planes they have in the large courtyard where visitors can walk around and overlook the campus . . . 

I’m happy with those B&W conversions (I think I’m almost getting the hang of doing B&W conversions) but something bothers me. 

In the open?

There is a question mark at the end of those three words. That changes the meaning of the phrase, almost like if it’s meant to highlight something that is not usually out in the open. 

I gots to admit, I’m still thinking of something out in the middle of nowhere like, for instance, this circa 1930s John Deere Model “B.”

Tractor – v. 1.0

After I did that version, I tried a different photo and I can’t rightly decide which I like best. By the way, color photos are HERE.

Tractor – v. 2.0

BUT . . . it still doesn’t quite feel like that’s what the theme hints at. Mind you, those two are still in play, but I got to thinking about animals. 

Going back to buffaloes, there’s this:

Road Bison

See how that’s getting closer to the theme?

Well, I then thought of one of the most unusual instances of me capturing an animal out in the open. 

Road Coyote

Other than this instance, I’ve never had a coyote either that close or one that sat calmly as I snapped a number of photos. They are typically furtive and wary of humans. 

Now, here’s the deal . . . I actually think this next shot fits be bill perfectly, but it’s not that great a shot (I’d just had my D100 for a month or so). 

Prairie Dog

Those guys also don’t typically hang around for humans to photograph them. This one was at a tourist attraction in South Dakota (near the Badlands NP).

So, here’s my quandary . . . I have all these photos I like but am conflicted between what I like versus adhering to the theme (which is subject to interpretation). 

Ergo, poll time!

And, here’s the gallery of all the photos:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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