Conehead – Neoconocephalus triops

The Coneheads were a joke that ran much too long on Saturday Night Live and even spawned a movie

But, this post is not about them; it’s about this:

Don’t see it? How about now?

Still don’t see it? Let me get closer still . . . 

That bug — a Neoconocephalus triops, a. k. a. Conehead — was on that wall when we left for the gym at approximately 8:15 am, yesterday. It was there three hours later when we came back, so I grabbed the camera and snapped a few photos. 

I’m always interested in bugs I’ve never seen, and this was one such bug. The “triops” part of the name refers to the fact it has three eyes. The third eye is around the middle of its back and is best seen in this shot.

That that white dot that looks, you know, like it might be an eye. Or, maybe, it’s the other bump. Oh, heck, for all I know, it’s on one of its knees. 

No, wait . . . it only has two eyes, but it has a feature on the underside which apparently gives it the appearance of having a third eye. Now I don’t know what to think. The name says three-eyed, it has something that looks like a third eye, and possibly a fourth eye, but then I’m told it’s an illusion. 

Life as we know it has ceased to make sense. 

On the other hand, the bug stood still while I took a bunch of photos. I’ll have them all in the gallery below and in THIS SmugMug gallery but will only show a few here. As usual, you can also click the photos for larger views.

My approach for shooting bugs is to get a photo as quickly as I can and from far enough away so as to not spook the bug. I then continue snapping photos as I get closer and closer. For these shots, I was practically pressing the lens on the bug.

By the way, it was still in that spot this morning when we left for the gym but was gone when we came back. 

Anyway, this is a short post. Here’s the gallery of all the photos I took (minus two that were out of focus and I deleted.)

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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16 Responses to Conehead – Neoconocephalus triops

  1. AnnMarie says:

    What an interesting insect! And it’s pretty nice looking, too . . . for me that is, since I’m not too fond of creepy crawleys. I followed the link and read that it buzzes, did you hear it do that?


    • disperser says:

      No, the wings never moved. It’s interesting that it hides by burying its head in the ground and mimicking a blade of grass.

      Our politicians do the same thing . . . but I still see a bunch of asses.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mvschulze says:

    That IS interesting, and it’s ALIVE! Not sure I’ve ever heard of three eyes…. but then, in evolution…why not? M :-)


    • disperser says:

      Spiders have multiple eyes, but in this case, it only looks like three eyes. As far as I can decipher the literature, it only has two eyes. Yes, it’s alive. It actually had moved slightly overnight so that it was no longer vertical but still in the same spot.


  3. Wow! What a cool looking bug! I like it! And I think it could hide well because of it’s color and nature-y shape and look!
    HUGS with no bugs! :-)


  4. renxkyoko says:

    It looks like an alien.


  5. I’ve seen uglier creatures; ……………………

    …………………………………………………….just can’t remember where


  6. Interesting. I never saw one of those when I lived in Hawaii.


  7. PiedType says:

    Doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever encountered. Obviously would be well camouflaged in brown grass. Or just hanging around anywhere, it could pass for a bit of grass.


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