October 2017 Flowers in Black and White

This will truly be a short post . . . a couple of photos and a gallery at the bottom of the post.

I’ve added the B&W shots to the original SmugMug gallery HERE where one can get down to the pixel level. The gallery at the bottom of this post or clicking on any photo will get you a version with the maximum side length of 1280 pixels. The galleries (either one) is probably the best way to look at the 101 photos I took. 

I’m only going to show a couple in the body of the post, and by a couple, I mean no more than ten or so, and probably less. 

So, yes, I took the flower photos from the last post and converted a number of the shots to B&W. Why would I do that, you ask. 

Well, it used to be all photography was in Black and White. I occasionally want to see what results are possible with restricting oneself to limited tools.

You will notice that there are two copies of some of the photos. That’s me trying different processes for converting color photos to B&W. That’s mostly with the earlier photos until I found stuff that worked with this batch (meaning, stuff I liked — not all might agree with my preferred conversions).

Here are two versions of one photo:

They might look similar in the small version above, but if you go to the gallery and look at them one after another, you can readily see the difference.

Here are a few of my favorite, but by no means all of my favorites from this batch . . .

No, I didn’t convert all 101 color photos. I was just playing around and picked some based on what I thought would make a good B&W photo. Perhaps other would have been better, but we’ll never know.

Well, never is a long time. Perhaps one day I’ll revisit this, but given that I’m old, I’ll probably forget where I even put these.

For an example of previous times I played with converting flowers to B&W, click HERE and/or HERE.

Meanwhile, here’s the gallery of the photos from this post randomly arranged. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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