Juneau – The Phone Files

We’re in Vancouver . . . great city, fast-paced, and I’ve had one of the best hamburgers I can remember at a place called Doolin’s Irish Pub (connected to the hotel we’re staying in, so not far to go — although, we did go for a walk-about).

Melisa had the Fish-n-Chips which was also good. Even got to listen to one of our favorite Pogues songs.

But, this post — if I can finish it before I crash –is about Juneau.

That’s dawn looking out of our balcony . . . the things is, while I like that shot, I missed a number of better ones as the light changed and I watched in awe . . . and forgot I had two cameras plus the phone and none of them were in use. Still, as I said, I like that shot.

Invariably, people get off the boat and hit the shops. I do as well, but my main interest are the various bits that capture my photographic interest . . .

Occasionally, I spruce them up a bit using Pixlr.

I also like to photograph signs and displays adorning the various walkways.

. . . I spruce them up as well . . .

The visitor center provided me with a number of texture photos for when I do more Deep Dreams.

That’s the building, but I took closeups of the various textures. They should work well.

Sometimes, certain buildings attract my interest . . . I can’t explain why, but I obediently snap a photo.

That last photo reminded me a bit of the Abbey Road (?) Beatle’s album Probably, because of the mountain.

Those metalworks figures adorn the wall of the parking garage and Library.

Here’s another version of it.

I mentioned before there is a fish culture here; lots of decoration featuring fish or fish-related activities.

However, bears are a close second.

I missed this Saloon the last time we were here. Not that we went in now, but I did snap a photo.

Despite the obvious lack of customers, this was a busy place.

I don’t know what that building is, but I like the colors combinations.

But, as I said, shops and suveniers.

So, that looked primed for some work . . .

That is a quilt. If there’s a quilting shop in the area, Melisa will usually find it . . . and I don’t mind. These too will be used for some of my Deep Dreams efforts.

But, I can also play with them here . . .

Not a very involved variation, but one I liked.

Given my gravatar, this quilt I had to snap.

Honest, I thought this was a penguin until I looked at the photo . . . But, no penguins up here, but there are whales and there’s a history tying whales to both the original tribes in the areas and the subsequent explorers.

Here’s a variation of the above.

I thought the star on the “penguin’s” beak was great . . . But I suppose it’s passable as a whale’s tail.

OK, one more quilt, also about an iconic animal of the North.

Enough inside and quilts; let’s head outside . . .

This is a sculpture or decoration outside the visitor center. It intrigued me enough to play with it more than once.

Here’s another angle . . .

These shots were all shot with the phone with this post in mind.  I did shoot a nuber of other photos  . . . A word of advice for people considering the P900; excellent camera, but it chews up batteries. I was shooting an egle when my first battery died. By the time I replaced the battery, the bird was gone.

This sign deserves multiple treatments.

More photos from the P900, but not really that many more.

Considering these are all from the phone — a now ancient Samsung Note II — and at least to my poor and tired eyes, they look pretty good.

As usual please excuse errors.

I mean, feel free to mention them so that I can correct them, but don’t feel that you have to.