Juneau – The Phone Files

We’re in Vancouver . . . great city, fast-paced, and I’ve had one of the best hamburgers I can remember at a place called Doolin’s Irish Pub (connected to the hotel we’re staying in, so not far to go — although, we did go for a walk-about).

Melisa had the Fish-n-Chips which was also good. Even got to listen to one of our favorite Pogues songs.

But, this post — if I can finish it before I crash –is about Juneau.

That’s dawn looking out of our balcony . . . the things is, while I like that shot, I missed a number of better ones as the light changed and I watched in awe . . . and forgot I had two cameras plus the phone and none of them were in use. Still, as I said, I like that shot.

Invariably, people get off the boat and hit the shops. I do as well, but my main interest are the various bits that capture my photographic interest . . .

Occasionally, I spruce them up a bit using Pixlr.

I also like to photograph signs and displays adorning the various walkways.

. . . I spruce them up as well . . .

The visitor center provided me with a number of texture photos for when I do more Deep Dreams.

That’s the building, but I took closeups of the various textures. They should work well.

Sometimes, certain buildings attract my interest . . . I can’t explain why, but I obediently snap a photo.

That last photo reminded me a bit of the Abbey Road (?) Beatle’s album Probably, because of the mountain.

Those metalworks figures adorn the wall of the parking garage and Library.

Here’s another version of it.

I mentioned before there is a fish culture here; lots of decoration featuring fish or fish-related activities.

However, bears are a close second.

I missed this Saloon the last time we were here. Not that we went in now, but I did snap a photo.

Despite the obvious lack of customers, this was a busy place.

I don’t know what that building is, but I like the colors combinations.

But, as I said, shops and suveniers.

So, that looked primed for some work . . .

That is a quilt. If there’s a quilting shop in the area, Melisa will usually find it . . . and I don’t mind. These too will be used for some of my Deep Dreams efforts.

But, I can also play with them here . . .

Not a very involved variation, but one I liked.

Given my gravatar, this quilt I had to snap.

Honest, I thought this was a penguin until I looked at the photo . . . But, no penguins up here, but there are whales and there’s a history tying whales to both the original tribes in the areas and the subsequent explorers.

Here’s a variation of the above.

I thought the star on the “penguin’s” beak was great . . . But I suppose it’s passable as a whale’s tail.

OK, one more quilt, also about an iconic animal of the North.

Enough inside and quilts; let’s head outside . . .

This is a sculpture or decoration outside the visitor center. It intrigued me enough to play with it more than once.

Here’s another angle . . .

These shots were all shot with the phone with this post in mind.  I did shoot a nuber of other photos  . . . A word of advice for people considering the P900; excellent camera, but it chews up batteries. I was shooting an egle when my first battery died. By the time I replaced the battery, the bird was gone.

This sign deserves multiple treatments.

More photos from the P900, but not really that many more.

Considering these are all from the phone — a now ancient Samsung Note II — and at least to my poor and tired eyes, they look pretty good.

As usual please excuse errors.

I mean, feel free to mention them so that I can correct them, but don’t feel that you have to.

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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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20 Responses to Juneau – The Phone Files

  1. love the images Emilio! I’d love to go there!


  2. colonialist says:

    Some great images, indeed. As you say, something fishy about that place, though.


  3. AnnMarie says:

    From the first photo (mesmerizing) to the last (greeting-card-perfect), this collection of shots is beyond my ability to come up with an appropriate adjective! I’m especially impressed with the animal figurines . . . very, very creative.


    • disperser says:

      Thanks. They’re not in focus, which is a bit annoying. It looks like the camera focused on the background, something I can’t very well tell from looking at the phone (dang old age and the need for glasses!)


  4. Very enjoyable post for a change; are you mellowing in your dotage?


  5. Love all of the photos!
    The quilt photos and the sculpture photos are especially wonderfully wonderful! Two of my fav things!
    That first photo/scene is amazing…mesmerizing…stunning!
    What are the temps like there this time of year?
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      Thanks, diem3.

      The temperatures were milder than average. We had decent weather for every day of the cruise. I never had to wear more than a t-shirt and a zip-up hooded sweat jacket, and even then, unless facing a stiff breeze, I seldom zipped it up.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. sandra getgood says:

    I’ve never had a longing to visit Alaska…possibly because snow and ice do not bring joy to my heart at all. Ever. Well, maybe when I was very little and was worried about Santa’s reindeer if it didn’t snow to help them in their journey.. But your posts and photographs and the pictures of arts and crafts and even stranger things make a trip to Alaska far more appealing than I would have thought.
    Thank you for sharing….maybe I don’t know everything, after all.


    • disperser says:

      There’s a reason it’s a favorite destination of many travelers. Most people told of multiple visits and plans for more. Obviously, winter is not a good time to visit (unless you like winter activities – tourism is pretty good in the winter months as well as during the milder months).

      The scenery is spectacular and there are unique things to see like the glaciers and general life in a quasi-frontier. You can tell the locals from the tourists, and not from the mode of dress. Rather, it’s a look in their eyes.

      Then again, we could tell residents of Vancouver versus tourists, again because of their comportment and expressions. I suppose that might be the same everywhere.

      Regardless, in my humble opinion, Alaska is well worth a visit or two.


  7. Love your creativity. Impressive edits.


    • disperser says:

      Thanks, ft.

      Snapseed and Pixlr make it easy. It’s still time-consuming, but you can save settings and crank them out reasonably quick . . . unless you’re doing a lot of files, like I tend to do.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. KathrinS says:

    Some good shots! Love how you post them in several edited versions, it’s great to be able to compare. The ‘stars’ effect is really nice in that picture of the boat.

    Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com


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