Deep Dreams “Other” Files.

We are in Juneau and the Internet here is excellent. However, we just got back from walking around and we’re scheduled to leave in a bit longer than an hour from now. That doesn’t leave me with much time to prep and load up photos.

Ergo, I’m posting my Objects and Other Deep Dream Files. I know people are expecting Alaska updates, but for a variety of reasons — chief among them the fact we’re on a cruise — preparing posts is not high on my list of priorities . . . if I even had a list of priorities . . . and if preparing posts were on that list.

Believe me, there’ll be time enough for that once I get back to the condo. Suffice it to say the weather has been nice, we like the ship, and each stop so far has been nice.

With that said, Objects & Other . . . 

Don’t ask me which style photo I used because I don’t remember. Just enjoy this gruesome remnant of a horse (I think).

This is a treatment of my fly ashtray . . . and here are two more. 

I’m flying through these because the laundry will be ready soon and it will eat into my Internet-Is-Good time.

This is a photo of a bell we purchased in Maine — or one of them other New England states — back in the last Century. 

Here are three more variations . . . 

Next up, one of my thrift stores photos treated with something or other . . . 

That reminds me . . . cruise people are — an occasion — an annoying bunch. My main complaint is a lack of situational awareness. By that, I mean the propensity for a group of people to stand and talk at crucial parts of the passageways connecting different parts of the ship. Also, when walking down aisles, walking slowly and abreast so as to block the whole aisle. 

By far and away, the most annoying are the zig-zaggers. Employing stealth radar, they know when you’re trying to pass them on one side or another and they pull Galdalf’s “You. Shall. Not. Pass.”

Most annoyingly, when you do manage to pass them, they give you a dirty look. 

The ones I deal with most easily are those walking abreast toward me. Rather than move over and hug the wall as they swagger past, I stop on my tracks and do a Rock of Gibraltar to their Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean; they have to walk around me. I generally smile, but occasionally give them the “you are a waste of human flesh look” . . . not that they care.

That’s a mural from a bar in Canon City combined with a drawing of mine.

This next one is of the Hula Dancers in Kona.

This clown is usually employed in the role of style photo, but here it’s used as the main subject.

It’s combined with the sewing machine style photo. 

Few would recognize this above original photo as being a tree trunk shot during one of our Florida trips from a few years ago. Here’s another version of it using the sewing machine style.

By the way, one of the things I did while on the ship is take photos of every piece of art and decoration that I found interesting . . . and you readers will suffer through in the coming weeks.

You’ll be practically chained to artsy stuff, and speaking of chains . . . 

That’s the chain from a whaling ship anchor on display in Kona. 

Here are a few more versions . . . 

Those two are pretty close to each other as far as effects go. 

Here are a couple of abstracts I won’t even try to explain . . . 

Oh, OK . . . the first is the sewing machine treatment of a snow drift. The second is a flower treatment of a log.

The ship is moving, so I need to put this up before I lose the Internet connection.

I don’t have time to proofread, so please excuse any spelling mistakes. The phone is not conducive to great typing.

Let me leave you with another treatment of snow. The original of this shot is in B&W.

Yes, yet another sewing machine treatment. 

Thanks for reading.

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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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12 Responses to Deep Dreams “Other” Files.

  1. Well the deprivation you are suffering doesn’t seem to be doing you much harm


  2. AnnMarie says:

    Wow . . . a cornucopia of exquisite colors and glorious shapes . . . excellent!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mvschulze says:

    I see a turtle (images below the clown!) Enjoy your cruise. Check the maps and charts and see how far the glaciers have receeded this century…..M :-)


    • disperser says:

      I replied to this before but it looks like it didn’t go through. I subscribe to a couple of blogs about climate, so I’ve been tracking the ice melt for a few years now.

      It looks to me as if it’s going faster than they were predicting even a few years ago.


  4. OOH! Too many cool ones to start naming my favorites! These were uber fun to look at!

    Hope you’re cruisin’ and havin’ a blast!



  5. Okay…I gotta’ say…love the flies! Not flies in general. But, your photo flies!


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