The Deep Dream Dolls and Bugs

Dolls and Bugs seem like an odd pairing, but it’s more about the number of photos in a post than the actual content. 

Oh, OK . . . it’s also about the content. I thought the pairing might be fun. We begin then, with not so much a doll as a stuffed animal. A horse, to be precise. This was no small horse. It was large enough for a smal kid to sit on. 

And the treatment is, of course, the sewing machine. 

Next up, a doll I thought looked a lot like the actress from CSI (the original series), Marg Helgenberger.

I can’t remember this treatment either, but it suits the doll . . . but not as much as this next treatment . . . 

Eh, I guess they both fit in their own way.

This next doll is treated with a drawing of a clown as the style.

I’m thinking I should remember this doll character . . . but I don’t. Perhaps some of the readers who make it this far might know it. Regardless, I do like this treatment for this particular doll . . . Puppet? Stuffed reppresentation of a child’s nightmare? Whatever.

This last doll is some type of raggedy something or other whose features have been smoothed out by a simple style photo. An improvement, for sure.

Bugs. It turns out not many bugs are suited for style treatments. Moths, them being a good size, do somewhat better than most. 

Actually, this next one is a little better.

Butterflies are also suited to certain treatments.

Neat, no? How about this next one?

Not all larger bugs give results that are this good. This dragonfly resisted most attempts at beautification . . . 

. . . But even it cannot resist the power of the sewing machine!

As you get to smaller subjects, like a wasp, finding a good style photo becomes more difficult.

That one, however, turned out pretty good. 

Flies are even smaller, and care must be taken in choosing a suitable style.

That one looks nice, as does this next one, even if  little plain as far as details.

I guess it’s really not that difficult finding decent conversions.

That’s blended with one of my doodles. I thought it turned out pretty good.

This next fly was also a decent subject to play with.

That’s blended with a cactus from the Jashua National Park. 

I’m not sure what conversion I used, but I like the effect. Then, of course, there’s the sewing machine style . . . 

Is there anything the sewing machine tyle can’t improve?

This next one is probably my favorite fly conversion and it’s arrived at by using a scanned page of a Jacovitti Cocco Bill comic.

So . . . That’s the Dolls and the Bugs. I hope it has been a pleasant journey to here. 

Some might be wondering if there will ever be anything but Deep Dream posts. Well, of course! . . . But not until I finish posting all the Deep Dreams I have. 

But, rest assured that I’m likely to mix in other stuff and perhaps even some *gasp* opinion pieces. 

Truth be told, I’m avoiding the news as much as possible, at least while we’re traveling. If I see what’s going on, it starts feeling as if we’re drifting into a parallel and mostly screwed-up universe.

I actually suggest the same to others. Just read the weekly news roundup and you’ll avoid the stress of the 24-hrs news cycle where all people do is yell at each other and stress the fact we are all — for a variety of resons — screwed.

ttfn, Disperser.  

p.s. as always, please excuse what are likely stupid mispellings and other errors. This way of posting stuff is not exactly optimized for speed and accuracy.