A quick Deep Dream post – various textures

Understand, this is both typed on a phone and I’m doing it on the 32nd hour of travel without “real sleep” . . . meaning, the only sleep I had were a few moments when I would nod off and quickly wake as my head drooped unsupported.

Anyway, before I left, I loaded a bunch of photos on my phone with the idea of using them as ammunition whenever I shot out a post.

As I mentioned, the WordPress App lacks the functionality to let me do my “normal” post as far as formatting and disclaimers go. WordPress developers think they are honing a jewel to perfection, but to my mind, if you start working with zirconium no matter what you do, zirconium is all you end up with.

Anyway, on to the photos. We start off with . . .

That is a closeup of a piece of dead coral. I used it once and generated the following.

Those are some big pores, Bob . . . but, interesting. I’ve only done one with this coral and I keep saying I’ll do more.

The Helmet Urchins also offer decent textures for Deep Dreams efforts. These two, for instance.

These two photos are responible for many versions that I like. Namely . . .

Here’s another limitation of this app . . . I can only load one photo at a time. Jerks!

This Style photo might be difficult to figure out . . . it’s my beach globe . . .

Here are the rest of the beach globe efforts. By the way, the more I use this app, the more I hate developers for it’s clear to me the only qualifications these guys have is to sit in front of a TV and bitch about something or other.

Now, perhaps you are one of those people . . . the people who want everything arranged just so or they throw a fit.

. . . this app goes 0% toward making those people (me) happy by optimizing their workflow. As mentioned ย I can only pick one photo at a time while in the app . . . I can pick as many as I want manually while on the PC. On the app, trying to get to the menu options for a given image is an exercise in frustration. I could go on listing limitations after limitations. But, it’s late, so here are the remainder of the globe photos, and then we’ll call it quits.

No, wait . . . a bit more complaining. I would almost give them a pass as far as loading one photo at a time where it not for the fact that the app doesn’t remember the last folder location, so for every photo, you have to locate the folder where it’s stored.

Ah, screw it . . . Developers don’t listen and I only do this a few times a year.

Here’s my attempt at a gallery . . . Nope! . . . Don’t see no obvious way to do it and I’m too tired to figure it out.

Goodnight, you all!

About disperser

Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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11 Responses to A quick Deep Dream post – various textures

  1. mvschulze says:

    Whooo! These are incredible! I mean like…phenomenal!!! All it took was 32 hours? Excuse me while I catch up on the past two or three weeks. I’ve got to see where all this is coming from! M :-)


  2. AnnMarie says:

    I still think you create excellent and CLASSY Deep Dream photos!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. loshame says:

    I like it ๐Ÿ˜Š


  4. These are sooooooooooooooo cool! Some of your best!
    Hope you’ve had some sleep by now!
    Happy Traveling!
    HUGS, too!


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