Deep Dream Generator — The Lava Files

A bit of housekeeping . . . some will wail in anguish — what? It’s possible; not likely, but possible — while others will rejoice. Going on a bit of a trip starting tomorrow. If the plane don’t crash, I might post a few short pieces over the next few weeks but there’s a distinct possibility I’ll be silent for long stretches at a time. If the return plane don’t crash, then I should be back regularly infesting the Interweb around the middle of next month. There’s one other possibility . . . I’ll win the lotto and no one will hear from me again. Truly, the odds are better for a plane crash, but I know which one I’m pulling for. 

Beginning of standard intro for these posts:
Not all my readers like the output from Deep Dream’s processing engine but many readers do. This post is for the latter. 

As I play with Deep Dream, more and more I come to rely on a small set of “go-to” Style images that have a good chance of producing results I’ll like. 

These are the images used as the “Style” for the AI to blend into the main photo. Meaning, the original photo is still recognizable but incorporates elements of the Style photo as determined by the AI. 

Once you choose a Style photo, you can adjust how heavy or light you want it applied. Heavier, and less of the original will be retained. For 90% of what I do, I leave it at the default settings.
End of standard intro for these posts.

This post is about lava Style photos (as in volcano output, not the soap).

I had high hopes for those style photos, but perhaps I’ve not found the right subjects for them. Here’s the two I tried before giving up. 

This next one photo was also high on my list of possible “neat” Styles . . . 

Alas, I got this . . . 

Not awful — how can Serenity ever be awful? — but not stellar, either. Get it? Stellar. Spaceship. Nevermind. 

Perhaps Serenity was not the best marriage to that photo, but I thought it might have been based on these three photos . . . 

. . . giving me these results:

One other set of photos gave me good results . . . the lava wall photos from the Place of Refuge:

Those patterns gave me these results . . . 

The originals of these photos have all appeared on this blog. You might even recognize a few. And now, here’s the gallery. The photos were also added to the ongoing Deep Dream SmugMug Gallery HERE.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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