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This is only 1,200 words. Why, even some Australians should manage to stick around to the end of it. 

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It’s Sunday, so no exercising today. I’m still sweating, though, but with two fans on me, it’s somewhat under control. FYI, I find snacking is a good way to counter sweating.

Readers might have noticed that I’ve left my opinion posts slide a bit. Oh, sure, I’ve dropped comments here and there, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a dedicated post about “things.”

Truthfully, I lost much of the stomach for it. That, plus there’s enough stuff going on every hour of every day of every week of every month that if I allotted time to comment on it, that’s all I’d be doing. Mind you, it’s important. Oh, yes, I have opinions on it all. But, there’s also tremendous frustration.

I’m a naïve and idealistic fool, I am. I expect the Right Wing Media (RWM) to spin the shit we hear into nutritious compost for consumption by willing right-leaning mental vegetables. And, yes, I now expect the Left Wing Media (LHM) to provide the same for desperately willing left-leaning mental vegetables to eagerly gobble down. I don’t know what happened to just Plain Media. I would like just a reporting of the news, but that’s near impossible to find. What you get are opinions.

We can certainly debate the role of the media, and I can find thoughtful, balanced, and pointed commentary on current events . . . but, rarely on cable news . . . or on Facebook, or on Twitter, or on YouTube.

Actually, no; if you look, you can occasionally find decent and balanced clips on YouTube.  Usually, those clips are buried in a mountain other clips that are culled, edited, and arranged to mislead and misinform.   

But, some things shouldn’t be that difficult. We, the Right, the Left, and the shrinking Center should be able to agree on broad topics. To wit, you’d think White Supremacists and the Nazi Party would find broad condemnation across the board. Even more so when they show up at protests wielding homemade shields and bludgeoning instruments.

We should all be disgusted when — in what I can only assume as a symbolic and nostalgic nod to times gone by — they march through the streets at night carrying torches.

I mean, the bar seems set so low that it seems impossible to disagree. And yet . . .

That cartoon is from last year — before Trump was elected president — and referenced his bombastic and insulting rhetoric. No, wait; that’s sugarcoating it;  it referenced his crude and classless language and demeanor. It’s not, then, all that surprising that it can also be broadly applied to his comportment after becoming President.

For them who opted to live in a cave, today I refer to Trump’s reluctance to specifically call out White Supremacists and Klu Klux Klan members and Nazis . . . but, I repeat myself.

I forced myself to watch his statement — reluctant, I was, since my tenuous hold on the English language suffers whenever I listen to Trump speak — because I wanted an unfiltered access to what he said.

So, here’s my unfiltered opinion. The man thinks that he should cater to his base (he did) and that a large part of his base consists of violent, xenophobic, racist, misogynous, white supremacist Klan members who think the Nazis had some good ideas.  

Read that again . . . if you are a Trump voter and supporter, the President thinks that condemning Nazis and Klan members might offend you. Congratulations.

Let me turn a moment to the predictable responses from the RWM and LWM.

The LWM and left-leaning individuals jumped all over the President accusing him of actually being a Nazi sympathizer if not an actual member of the KKK. This, because he did not condemn them outright.

The RWM and right-leaning individuals responded by claiming it was a measured response and that the President is right in saying both sides engage in unprovoked violence. Besides, they say, Obama and Hillary were both reluctant to name Jihadists — or, radical Muslims; take your pick — as responsible for terrorist attacks and did so consistently and in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Stay with me here because there is some merit (along with massive distortions) to both arguments.

I could go into long and convoluted sentences with lots of caveats and nuanced statements, but I’ll instead just present some bullet points. If anyone wants to discuss them in depth, feel free to comment below.

So, here goes nothing:

The right wing nuts have a point in saying that Obama and Hillary and Liberals in general, consistently failed to identify the culprits of terrorist attacks as Islamic terrorists or blame domestic groups for other acts of violence. Note: you can say Islamic Terrorists without accusing all Muslims just as you can say Christian Terrorists without accusing all Christians. Apparently, both Obama and Hillary are unaware of this.

The right wing nuts also have a point in saying that there are many instances of left-wing-initiated violence, often, unprovoked. Note: in my view, aside from his actual election, that’s one of the saddest things of this Trump Era; I could sit here and list many, many instances where the Left, in general, has acted in a manner unbefitting the rational beings they purport to be. Sad, that.

The left wing nuts have a point in saying that a failure to call out the specific culprits is tantamount to supporting them. Note: posts on extremist websites support this interpretation. They see Trump as one of their own. They also understand that if Trump subsequently does condemn them, it’ll be for appearance sake and that he won’t mean it. Their words, not mine.

The left wing nuts have a point in saying that Trump’s lack of clear and stern castigation will only embolden these radical elements to more and possibly lethal violence. Note: that is similar to claims made by the RWM when Obama failed to castigate rhetoric and incidents involving groups like BLM and NOI; incidents that may have resulted in cops getting killed. Their words, not mine.

In my opinion, there’s plenty of hypocrisy, blame, disgust, and castigation to go around.

Each side now condemns the very things they each excused as late as October of last year. And, of course, each now excuses the very things they condemned as late as October of last year

But, I will say this about Trump’s statement . . . there’s no excuse for the lack of castigation of white supremacists, KKK members, and Nazis.

One might charitably argue Obama’s and Hillary’s reluctance to implicate Islam in the terrorist attacks were poorly executed attempts at not maligning the majority of Muslims who had no involvement in the attacks. Still wrong — and I think it had the opposite effect on the population at large — but there’s at least some logic there, however flawed it might have been.

One cannot make the same argument about White Supremacist groups, the KKK, and the Nazis. There aren’t peaceful and tolerant factions of those groups advocating reasoned discourse. Or, if there are, they are well concealed.

Therefore, there is no political, social, or any kind of gain to be made in avoiding calling them out for their views and for their actions. There’s no obvious penalty to pay in calling them out.

Unless, as I stated above, one assumes — as apparently, President Trump does — that a large portion of Trump voters and supporters are sympathetic toward White Supremacist groups, the KKK, and Nazis. Again, to Trump’s supporters, congratulations; that’s what Trump thinks of you.

If there’s another reason for his vague evasions, I’d like to hear it.

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