Still Reflecting

A short post this will be . . . I’m still intrigued with this whole reflection stuff. In fact, a shot I saw a little while ago (HERE) gave me the idea to try a few things. Namely, making a photo where the reflection shows the object of the photo.

I’m now forging my own path as I try different techniques to see what works better for creating a fake reflection of stuff, and for my initial effort, I began with this shot:

Colorado National Monument,

The idea was to show most of the rock face as a reflection on an imaginary lake. 

Well, as an initial effort, the result wasn’t very good. 

Colorado National Monument,

I mean, yes . . . squint your eyes, step back a few feet and drink a few beers, and this might look like a decent reflection on a lake surface disturbed by erratic winds. 

Don’t look at the interface (i.e. the artificial shoreline) since the photo had a frame and a watermark. The effort was intended more to tune the water effect. 

I then had the bright idea of taking this shot . . . 

Snow, Winter,

And trying to make a reflection appear as if on a partially frozen lake.

Snow, Winter,

While I was happy with the reflection part, or mostly so, I couldn’t quite get a decent interface nor a texture simulating both ice and water. Not awful, but nothing to blog about, either . . . wait . . . doh!

It’s getting late, so I tried one more thing, this time using a shot of Devil’s Tower

I think this was my best effort of the three by a long shot.  

I’m not sure this was the best subject for this, but I’m rather happy with the results. 

I told you this would be a short post. Here; a few cartoons to pad the length. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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