The Spinner Files

A blog I follow (OneOwner) had a photo of a spinner that looked neat (click on the link to see it). Well, of, course, I had to get one . . . or more. 

Warning: this post will be boring for some — if not all — readers.

One of my two spinners — the colorful one

“What are spinners?” you ask. 

Good question, Bob. The name says it all; they spin. 

“No, I don’t mean what they do; what are they?”

Well, Bob, what they do and what they are are one and the same. I bought me a couple of cheap ones, but you can buy these for some unfsmly amounts of money and all they do is spin. The spin very effortlessly. The above spinner will — with a moderately decent shove — spin for a timed 4 min 28 sec. They have low friction bearings at the center and a weighted periphery of various shapes and colors. Basically, something for the person who likes to fidget . . . or likes to SPIN things. 

Here’s what it looks like spinning . . . 

Well, that’s not very interesting, is it? 

What if I take six photos of it spinning and create a looping animation?

I liked that, but I wanted to show it spinning at high speed . . .

OK, so it’s still pretty boring, so I got me the idea of getting one of my LED flashlights and adding a bit of light to the frame. Also, I decided the thing looks better if it’s not all in the frame.

Here are a couple of the individual frames . . . 

. . . and a five frame GIF animation.

Before I go on, I want to highlight an artist few people might have heard about, or remembered from when they did hear about him, or currently listen to anything of his. 

The artist is Tony Carey and he had two big hits; one under the Planet P Project moniker (Why Me) and the other under his own name (A Fine Fine Day). Click on the links to refresh one’s memory. 

I rediscovered Carey in the early 2000s and followed his works here and there when I remembered to do so. There are a number of songs of his I really like (I own the CDs) but many are not anywhere online that I can see. Still, I’ll drop a few of the ones I like in this post, starting with this one . . .  

He has a distinctive sound that I think I’d recognize anywhere. 

Anyway, spinner animation. The interesting thing with GIF animations is that you don’t need many frames. This next animation was made using two photos.

If you choose the right sequence of photos, you can get what I think is a pretty good illusion of animation.

By the way, there is a gallery at the end that will have all of the files used in this post. 

The first video should have ended by now, so here’s another one of my favorites . . . 

A song I really like is his “The Company I Keep” but I cannot find it anywhere online. Too bad. 

Let me add one more animation, this one with the spinner not quite stopping.

This does look as if it spins up and then abruptly stops. 

Here are a couple of shots from the sequence . . . 

I plan to do more with this, maybe combining it with the other (smaller) spinner. We’ll see. 

One more song of Carey’s. If you like the music, there are a number of his recordings online, but like I said, not all of his songs. 

So, in addition to taking a lot of photos which I ended up using to create animations, I also shot a few movies. The first is 90 seconds, the others are all one minute long.

Exciting stuff, no?

Here’s a cover of  Room With a View with the lyrics. There are a lot of covers of this song. 

Before I do the gallery, a few jokes . . . 

And here’s the boring gallery (randomized for a wee bit of excitement):

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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13 Responses to The Spinner Files

  1. mvschulze says:

    Facinating images. M :-)


  2. oneowner says:

    I’m glad you found that post inspirational. That shot was also lit by an LRD flashlight in a dark room. Your shots are really nice to see and I like the short movies. I’ve since bought 3 more of these spinners as gifts to give to others. I’m spinning every day!


    • disperser says:

      Your shot is artsier, but I still had fun putting together the animation (that wasn’t the original plan).

      I often have them spinning on my desk as I’m working. I need to buy a plastic one that I can carry with me; the metal ones are heavier than I like.


  3. AnnMarie says:

    Your personal spinning choices (linked above) are much more creative and fun to watch.


  4. Wow! What great spinner photos and animations and vids!
    Exciting, yes!!! Spinning, shiny, colorful objects mesmerize me! So, I’ve been sitting here on your site for quite awhile. :-) (Okay, I’ll leave soon, I promise.)
    Good music vids! I enjoy Tony Carey’s voice! And he was handsome back in the day! Blue Highway is a fav of mine.
    Ha! on the cartoons! The Rubes one got a snort-laugh! :-D
    HUGS!!! :-)
    PS…a friend has been selling the fidget spinners in his store for $1.00, but he gave me two of them free. Guess he figures they’ll keep me busy and I won’t pester people as much. :-) Ha! He should know better than that! :-D
    My spinners are not as colorful as your spinner. :-(


    • disperser says:

      Thanks, diem3.
      Yes, the Rubes one is one of them rare clever-funny cartoons.

      As for colorful spinners, I bought that one specifically because of the finish and with the intent of shooting photos of it. The other one I have is brass and not as colorful. It’s also smaller.

      Carey is one of those artists I binge on for a bit and then let rest for a fairly long time before “rediscovering” him again.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. How very strange; yesterday I was wandering around the local shopping centre, waiting for the chemist to prepare a prescription, and I was gazing at these odd looking things in the newsagency next door, they were labelled ‘Spinners’

    They looked very pretty but I didn’t bother picking one up, to read what they were all about, on their boxes. I thought they were probably some children or teenager things, now I’m sorry I didn’t take more interest,.When I go back next week, if they are still on show out front I shall, look at them again in a new light and might even buy one, or two.


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