A Burst of Macros

So, a few days ago I had an urge to macro. 

Obviously, not a macro shot. I took this photo on the way to snapping a bunch of macro shots.

FYI, as usual, click on any photo for a larger version. There’s a gallery at the end of the post, and there’s a SmugMug Gallery HERE.

Anyway, other than a few flowers shots, the other photos are of various leaves found on plants growing on the grounds of the complex where we currently live. 

I’ll probably do more with this shot, but for now, this is it. On to the leaves. 

These leaves are “glossy” and it’s difficult finding an angle to shoot from where they don’t catch a stray ray — or two — of light that give the surface an unwanted shine. 

By the way, the gallery at the bottom has all the shots I took. The body of the post avoids photos that look similar. 

Some of the shots would probably make interesting textures files. Another time, perhaps.  

As I’m posting this, my songs rotation brought up some tracks from the movie Streets of Fire. This is not likely to please many of my readers, but I’m dropping a few YouTube videos for them who remember and liked the movie and for them who might like 80s music. To wit: 

Macros . . . many interesting leaves to be found around here, all of them on the bold side.

I really should have gathered the leaves I was interested in and brought them up to the lanai for a more controlled shooting experience as opposed to me shooting handheld as I contorted to shoot as perpendicular to the leaves as I could. Plus, you know, there’s almost always a breeze. But, I don’t like hurting plants.

While the red veins are striking, green and yellow also please the eyes . . . 

Here’s another video from SoF . . . I admit that part of liking the songs are the associated videos. The movie was visually striking and the music added a dimension to the visuals (and vice versa). That’s Diane Lane and while she does a decent job mouthing the words, she’s not the one singing. At the time, I thought she was singing — naive, was I. 

I remember I had a difficult time finding the music because the vocals were done by an ensemble group called Fire, Inc.  Some of the songs were available from other artists but didn’t sound the same. Also, because at the time we watched the movie on VHS on a tube TV; it was difficult reading the credits to see who sang what (and we had a Mitsubishi 40″ TV, a 150 lb monster that was difficult to move).

Today’s youngsters may not realize the Internet was in its infancy and *gasp* there was no Google. There was nowhere to look up stuff like that. 

Life was tough back then. 

One of the shrubs in front has these neat flowers. Each clump is about the size of a half-dollar (again, youngsters might not even know there are half-dollar coins; I’m betting most have never seen one). 

I’ve seen these where the flowers are homogeneous in color (all one color) but I prefer these for the variety and combinations of colors. 

I feel the urge for another video . . . here we go . . . 

So, back to leaves . . . 

Neat, aren’t they? I shot all of these in something like five minutes. I’ll probably do a better shoot sometimes when the wind is not blowing, the light is good, and I feel like dragging the tripod down to ground level. 

As much as the red and green are striking, these copper-like leaves are probably my favorites.

I’ll likely be using these same shots and process them through Topaz Impression, Simplify, and Glow. Soon. Maybe. We’ll see. 

This next song came up and there’s a story with this . . . I have a CD of songs that I call my “stay up all night” CD. It’s life — the CD’s life — began as a cassette tape. Ninety minutes worth of songs that I would play whenever I needed to pull an all-nighter. 

Mind you, that wasn’t during my college days . . . this was in my 30s, when I had to prepare a presentation for a meeting at GM, or had to take care of some administrative stuff for the business; something that couldn’t wait a day (we were working owners so administrative stuff waited until the engineering work was done and vice-versa). The music played on a loop, and I have memories of listening to a few of the tracks as dawn’s early light broke through the trees and lanced through the window of my office. There is a quiet just before dawn, as if the world holds its breath, unsure if the sun will actually rise.

Then, the faint chirping of birds would slowly break the silence and soon other noises, cars, the coffee percolating, my yawns, would welcome the light of day. Ah, good times. 

Anyway, this was the first song on that tape/CD.

I liked all of the songs on Anderson’s Strange Angels CD (the name of the album was the same as the song) but this was my favorite. I came across it in a movie. Without looking it up, does anyone remember the movie? Hint: it starred William Hurt and Elizabeth Perkins. 

Leaves . . . 

. . . they be neat. 

Well, I’m going to wrap this up. I know the music has been a bit strange, but let me leave you with a soothing piece that I like all to heck and back . . . 

Gee, I wish I had another story to share with my readers . . . the two or three that made it all the way here. 

. . . nope; I got nothing . . . 

Here’s the gallery of all the shots in random order:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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11 Responses to A Burst of Macros

  1. dontwait says:

    Great pictures. I like the way you put your post in between them. I might try that next time instead of just posting a picture. Now I want to watch that movie. The last video wouldn’t play for me so I went to youtube and played one by the Duhks. I don’t know if that was the group that sang it in the one you posted but I liked it.


    • disperser says:

      Thank you.
      As for “The Wagoner’s Lad” the one by the Duhks is with lyrics.

      The one I linked in the post is from the soundtrack to Ken Burns’s Mark Twain and it’s an instrumental version by Bobby Horton. It’s released through Sony, so depending on where you live, it may not play for you. There are a couple of versions of it on the soundtrack, some slower.

      The Instrumental I linked is quite different from other versions I’ve heard (same general melody but different tempo – as if I knew what any of those words meant). I’ve looked around for other videos of it but didn’t find a copy of it anywhere else . . . sorry.


  2. “There is a quiet just before dawn . . . ” What a beautiful sentence!


  3. AnnMarie says:

    I played “Strange Angels” and mother recognized it right away . . . from the movie “The Doctor”. Actually that’s the first place we heard it, when they’re dancing in the desert . . . great movie. Thanks for reminding me to play it more often.

    All I can add is that the macros are quite stunning, that those little “clumps” of flowers are adorable, and that I CAN’T wait for you to put some of those shots through your Topaz processes!


    • disperser says:

      That’s where I first heard it as well.

      The majority of the music I have comes from me having heard it in a movie, TV show, or advertisement. One reason why I don’t have much in the way of “newer” music in my rotation . . . These days, I don’t watch much TV/movies.


  4. desleyjane says:

    Those little flower clumps are lantana. I’ve always loved them. They are a pest in Queensland, they choke out the sugar cane. But in the south, people grow it as a decorative plant. It’s super pretty. Comes from Africa originally I believe.


    • disperser says:

      They are considered a pest here as well — but not in gardens because they flower all the time. From what I had read, they have tried biological controls (insects that paralyze the plant) but it hasn’t been all that effective. And, yes, it’s very decorative, hence its use in many gardens. It doesn’t smell nice, so that’s another down side.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It WAS tough back then…and at the time we didn’t even know how tough we had it! Ha!

    “You macro, therefore you are.”

    Amazing macros, Emilio! Especially love the leaves! (I have a thing about leaves.)
    And it’s sweet how those tiny flowers clump together and make a big flower!

    You posted some super music/vids! (love the last one so much!)
    I still listen to a lot of 70’s (my decade!) and 80’s music. I should know that movie you questioned about…but I can’t remember the name. My kids grew up in the 80’s…so I watched a lot of 80’s movies with them. And most of those movies had enjoyable soundtracks.

    I love how the music we listened to scores our lives…and we can have such vivid memories (even sense memories) when we hear a song decades later.

    HUGS!!! :-)


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