Spam, the Moon, Palm Trees, and the Golden Bear

I was remiss in marking a monumental occasion . . . the 80th anniversary of the introduction of Spam.

The link will take you to a Smithsonian article about the history of Spam. 

While I’m here, let me post a few shots of the (nearly) full moon. These shots are from five days ago, each processed slightly differently from the other. 

These next two shots are from two days ago . . .  

All of the shots in this post were shot handheld with the Nikon P900. They are the original JPG with very light processing and with a frame added. Except, you know, it’s black, so you can’t really see the frame but, trust me, it’s there. 

Wow . . . this is a quick post; only a few photos of the moon. There are a few more in the gallery below but still . . . remarkable restraint on my part, don’t you think? As usual, you can click on the photos for a larger version or go to THIS SmugMug Gallery for the originals. 

I mentioned Palm Trees in the title, but I’m actually showcasing something that is not a true palm; it’s a Traveler’s Plant. It’s sometimes referred to as Traveler’s Palm, but its actual name is Ravenala

Regardless of the genealogy, if someone asks me about my favorite palm, I will point to this plant (figuring they won’t know it’s not a palm). 

I like the way the leaves grow, forming an interesting near-symmetrical pattern. 

We drive by these every day after our walk and on our way to the gym. On this particular day, the light was what I wanted; bright enough to shoot at a low ISO, but not full sun that would wash away details and make everything look harsh. 

There is a whole row of these in the back of the local Target and they seem well-maintained and cared for. 

Here’s a younger one . . . 

. . . and here’s a single parent with a few kids . . . 

. . . and here’s a runaway teen. 

Like I said, I like the shape and patterns, so here are a few examples . . . 

I made a vertical panorama from a set of six photos . . . Can you spot the ant and the other bug?

Here’s the interesting thing . . . the photo appears as if it tapers as it nears the top. Trickery! That’s your brain trying to fool you. That shot is perfectly rectangular.  

There’s even more trickery involved . . . I opted to fill in the periphery after joining all of the shots. If you look at it at 100% magnification (HERE – 9.5MB file) you might be able to spot the patches. 

Here are a couple of the individual shots making up that panorama. 

By the way, giving Target its due . . . 

The post wouldn’t be complete without a closeup of the leaves. All the closeups shots are shot from about twenty-thirty feet away with the long zoom of the P900. 

Believe it or not, I’m done!

No, wait . . . the Golden Bear . . . 

This training ship has been anchored in the bay for the past three days. It raised anchor during this morning’s walk and we watched it sail away. I mean, we were walking and we would occasionally look up to see where it was. Our walk ended before it disappeared below the horizon. 

Its position at the time of this writing is between the islands of Hawaiʻi and Maui. You can read about its travels, details, and destination HERE.

Here’s the gallery of all the photos above plus a few more:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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