Every morning, we walk at the Old Kona Airport recreation area. I’ve written about it before but for them who forgot, our usual walk is 4.5 miles. If we don’t go to the gym, we add another 2 miles to the walk. It’s usually always hot.

Sometimes last year, likely around August, I started freezing soaked rags and taking them with us on our walks. The first set of rags go around our necks after the first lap of the tarmac. The second set of rags get deployed during the third lap. At the end of the third lap, we’re back at our car and we go onto the walking path lined with flowers, maintained by volunteers. 

Just before getting onto the path, I would wring out the first rag onto whatever plant (usually a weed) that looked like it could use the water. Around the middle of September, I noticed a plant on one of the lava rocks serving as a boundary between the tarmac and the walking path, and I started watering it, every day. 

By early October, it looked like this:

I had found that little bear on the tarmac and decided to repurpose it as decoration for “my plant.”

This is the story of my plant from then until the end of June, a few days ago.

As much as I harp about the maintenance, the bugs, the problems, and responsibilities of having plants, I will probably always have some I’ll take care of. 

Seeing as we don’t yet have a permanent address, this plant has to suffice for now.

There is no SmugMug gallery for these photos. You can click on them for a slightly larger version, but these were taken with my Samsung phone, and some weren’t even set to the highest resolution (for some unknown reason). For that, I apologize to both my readers and my plant. 

This next photo — also in October of last year — shows what the site looks like after I wring out my cooling rag. 

By the end of October, the plant was looking pretty good. 

In November, progress slowed . . . 

By December, it was obvious watering it once a day was no sufficient . . . also, the bear must have tired of just laying there and went off on its own. 

I should explain . . . November and December and beyond saw long periods of no rain. The whole area suffered for it, and it was all I could do to keep the plant from shriveling up.  

This is what it looked like in January . . . 

I’m not sure why I didn’t snap a photo in February, but by March . . . 

Two things to note . . . one, the plant was doing better, likely because I added some dirt around the base of it. Two, another little plant was growing a bit to the side from the first. 

No way to tell if it was a volunteer from the “my plant” or if a random seed had made its way there carried on the trade winds. Regardless, my plant was doing pretty good, showing new growth and all.  

Why, there was even a bit of decoration of sorts in the form of a small bit of green glass. 

By April 24th, things were looking pretty good.

Here’s my plant . . . 

The volunteer was flowering . . . 

Together, they made for a nice little Eden . . . 

By the middle of May, things still looked well . . . 

On May 15th, a couple of locals asked me what I was doing when they saw me wring out my cooling rags. The woman seemed genuinely interested in the story of my plant. The man just scowled . . . and on the morning of May 16th pieces of my plant and of the volunteer lay next to the badly damaged and stripped stalks. I’m not a suspicious man . . . no, wait; I am a suspicious man and this damage looked deliberate.

I didn’t take and photos, but was reminded of how one shouldn’t get too attached to material things; it just gives others the power to make your life just a bit worse by destroying them. 

I watered the stumps and on May 25th I saw a few signs of life.

A few days later, both plants were again damaged, this time not leaving much. Again, I watered them.

On June 5th, a happy surprise . . . 

On the 15th, things were looking were good for the volunteer, but not much improvement for my plant. 

On the 19th, even better . . . but my plant is still struggling.

As of this morning, the volunteer is going gangbusters but my plant is still stunted. Stunted, but alive. 

I have hardened my heart to the eventuality of future attacks even as I hope the attacker(s) have lost interest in being worthless human beings. Meanwhile, I will continue watering them every morning that we walk. The plants, not the worthless human beings. 

Happy Fourth of July (belated, for some).

I know that many share my pessimism with regards to the current seemingly split country. There are jerks and naysayers on both sides, but there are also many people who do not fall prey to the hatemongering and the efforts of many to derail this experiment. 

We’ve gone through tougher times, although without the baggage of so many stupid, uneducated, myopic, base, and classless people. I hold hope we’ll struggle at least as valiantly as my plant to carry on and make something of ourselves. 

Here is the gallery of all the shots, used and unused:

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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