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Strictly P900 Photos and other stuff

I’m screwed. Two days ago, I was writing the last scene of my Michelle Maul short story. As I write, I’m happy with the plot, with the twist, with the progression of the story and looking forward to putting it … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday . . . not

I’ve been seeing them a while now . . . Wordless Wednesday posts. I’m not sure if intended as a sign of solidarity with people who can’t speak — be it for physical, emotional, or persecutory reasons — or a … Continue reading

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Post-Processing Tools – A Comparison

I’ve written before about my Workflow and general Post-Processing of my photographs. Just yesterday, I read a post by Leanne Cole about a hands-on trial of ACDSee Ultimate 10. I was severely tempted to buy it, but then I looked … Continue reading

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A tiny glimmer of talent

Some people might remember a show called Wings.  Tastes vary, of course, but for us, Wings is one of the few shows that has aged well. The jokes we laughed at in 1990 are the same jokes we laugh at now … Continue reading

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One year

One year ago today we arrived in Kona. You can read about it HERE.  The original plan was to see if we could make Hawaiʻi our home for the next number of years, so how are we doing with that? Well, … Continue reading

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Magic Sands – Big Island, Hawaiʻi

There’s a small beach park here in Kona called Magic Sands Beach Park. The ocean frontage is only about 100 yards, but it sees a lot of use. Here’s an overhead shot of it from Google Earth. The hotel next … Continue reading

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Google Deep Dream Generator

I’ve been playing with Google’s Deep Dream Generator on and off for nearly a year now.  “What’s that?” you ask.  Well, it’s a post-processor of sorts. You throw it a photo, choose either Deep Dream . . .  . . … Continue reading

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